A nylon cable tie is a type of fastener that is used for holding items together. Generally made of nylon resins, nylon cable ties are widely used in several industries as well as in houses due to their reasonable price and ease of use. These ties have one-piece injection molded construction, and also provides adjustability, maximum strength, bent tip design, and rounded edges that makes the installation easy, especially for binding several wires or electronic cables. An excellent feature of permanent locking in the nylon cable ties assures a secure and tight hold.

Benefits of Nylon Cable Ties

Nylon cable ties are used largely in several industries as they are strong and do not break easily. The cable ties are also called as sip strips or wire ties. The nylon cable ties can be found in many sizes so that they can be tied around a variety of objects with different size. Their primary use is in the fields of construction and electricals & electronics industry as these fields involve heavy objects, cables, and wires to be tied by strings. hat will not break easily.

Nylon cable ties give a clean look to the atmosphere when they are tied tightly without any dropping ends or loose hanging. The nylon cable ties also come in huge diameter for transporting the huge and bi objects in shipping industry. Some of the nylon cable ties have lock and steps system as well.

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Application Areas of Nylon Cable Ties

Nylon possesses an excellent balance of properties such as moderate stiffness, combined strength, high level of toughness, and high service temperature. Particularly, nylon cable ties have a low coefficient of friction, outstanding abrasion resistance, and they are resistant to repeated impact. Nylon cable ties are resistant to most chemicals, lubricants, and fuels, but are attacked by oxidizing agents, strong acids, and phenols.

General-purpose nylon cable tie is suitable for usage in most of the practical applications at continuing temperatures up to 85C. The nylon 6,6 material type is the most often used cable tie for production that meets the UL 94V-2 flammability ratings. The working temperature of nylon 6,6 cable tie ranges from -40° F to 185° F.

Heat stabilized nylon 6,6 material type is used in extended or continuous exposure to high temperatures, which a common nylon cannot resist. Nylon cable ties contain specially formulated heat stabilizers that deliver extra thermal endurance. These nylon cable ties are engineered for continuous exposure to temperatures above 85C, which also meets the UL standard for electrical applications. On the other hand, the UV stabilized nylon 6,6 cable ties are weather resistant, and endures additional UV light.

As per the Research Dive blog, the importance of nylon cable tie comes when the traditional tie fails to deliver what they ought to. The durability and flexibility are the two main features that make these ties extremely popular in the market. Many people are also motivated to go for nylon cable ties because of it is affordable. The nylon cable ties are also available in different colors, sizes, and quality. Also, there are also some manufacturers in the market that make nylon cable ties according to the specific requirements of the applications. Thus, the high demand of nylon cable ties from the consumers in several industries will create growth opportunities for market players in the near future.

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Forecast Analysis of Nylon Cable Ties Market

Global market for nylon cable ties is anticipated to witness a significant growth during the period of forecast period from 2019 to 2026. Several applications of nylon cable ties such as easy installation, polyethylene, synthetic lubricants, and detergent alcohols are boosting the market growth.

Volatility in the prices of oils and strict government regulations to ban plastic are some of the market restrains, which will be a major challenge for the business growth of market players. As per a WRI and UN Environment study, around 127 countries all over the globe have adopted legislation for the regulation of plastic bags.

Rising demand of nylon cable ties from the automobile sector and construction industry is giving significant uplift to the growth of the global market in the near future. As per the Research Dive report statistics, the global nylon cable market is predicted to grow at 8.4% CAGR, and will surpass $248.5 million during the period of forecast. The report highlights the key players operating in the global market. Some of them are 3M, Thomas & Betts Corporation, Ascend Performance Material, Changhong Plastic Group, HONT electrical Co. Ltd., American Elite Molding, KSS, Yueqing Huada Plastic, Hellermann Tyton, and Partex. These players are adopting several strategies such as mergers & acquisitions to present a new developed product in the global market.

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