In a flash, a lotus petal floated out from between his eyebrows and cut off Ling Ye like a sword blade. A small skill of carving insects! Ling Ye raised his hand directly and cut it off with a knife, but the lotus petal passed through the long knife and sank directly into his head. As soon as Ling Ye shook, he screamed and flew out with a bang. Lying on the ground, Ling Ye twitched all over, his eyes were bloodshot, and he tore his hair like a madman. Not far away, the old man in green robe stared at Ling Ye lying on the ground and frowned slightly. Lin Tiancai's attack, he did not see, at the moment, in Ling Ye body, he did not notice the scars, but Ling Ye is lying on the ground howling, that way, as if suffered unimaginable damage. Lin Tian stared at Ling Ye with a faint light in his eyes: "Sure enough, I can attack the sea directly!" After ten breaths, Ling Ye had some relief and struggled to stand up. You What did you do? Ling Ye roared. Lin Tian coldly glanced at Ling Ye and headed for the Burning Yang Sect. Ling Ye stared at Lin Tian's back, his eyes filled with anger, and he wanted to catch up, but he only felt a sharp pain in his head. Such a severe pain made his whole body a little paralyzed, and even his vision was affected, which was worth enduring forcibly. Lin Tian jumped on an old tree, jumped out again,jacuzzi bath spa, and appeared several feet away. Suddenly, the sound of breaking the air sounded, and the old man in green robe lay in front of him. After a pause, Lin Tian's face suddenly sank. "What do you mean, Elder Tu?" Without a word, the Qingpao old man stared at Lin Tian and clapped his hands in the past. Lin Tian was moved and immediately felt the strong pressure. Damn In the heart angrily scolds, Lin Tian holds up the Lei Yan sword, the pound sword meaning crazy surges out. Qingpao old man slightly squint, is still a gentle palm clap,american hot tub, instantly break all. Seeing this scene, Ling Ye was somewhat surprised and pulled his fist tightly. In the face of Qingpao old man, Lin Tian did not face Ling Ye calmly, Lei Yan swordsmanship urged to the extreme, crazy cut to Qingpao old man, in order to resist the old man's seemingly ordinary but extremely overbearing palm. He thought that the old man in green robe might attack him, but at this time, he was still very angry. Keng! With his anger, Lei Yan's sword became more terrible, and one by one, the sword rushed forward in anger. Qingpao old man moved, eyes flashed a touch of strange light, still clapped with the right palm. With a bang, Lin Tianyi's Lei Yan Jian Mang, which was cut off in anger, was smashed in an instant. Master, endless pool swim spa ,whirlpool bathtub, suppress him! Ling Ye laughed. The Qingpao old man glanced at Ling Ye, once again cast his eyes on Lin Tian, and slowly clapped his hands. Seemingly a light palm, but suddenly gave birth to a sky full of palm shadow. Lin Tian pulled the sword tightly, and his eyes became colder. Keng! Zheng Zheng Jian Ming constantly, he directly used the strongest Lei Yan Jian, cut open a palm shadow. At the same time, his eyebrows lit up again, ready to launch a white lotus attack. Now, he can only rely on this move to fight, hope that the white lotus attack can create a gap for him, so that he has a chance to escape, after all, is in the face of the air strong, he now has no possibility of confrontation, only escape this way to go. Just then, the Qingpao old man burst out laughing: "In the face of a strong man in the air, he can also be calm in the face of danger. You are really good, little guy. You are exactly the same as your master in those days. You have the same evil talent and the same amazing talent." With some heroic laughter, the majestic momentum of the Qingpao old man suddenly disappeared without a trace. Lin Tianwei was stunned and immediately frowned. In the distance, Ling Ye also changed his expression. The Qingpao old man looked at Lin Tian and said, "Don't think too much. It's just a test of your strength." "Test my strength?" Lin Tianyi said, "I thought.." "Think I'm going to help my apprentice suppress you?" The Qingpao old man snorted and said, "I'm not so shameless. If you weren't Li Changfeng's disciple, I wouldn't bother to talk to you. But I haven't seen that boy Changfeng for many years. When I see his disciple, I can't help but miss him." The Qingpao old man, named Tu, is one of the four elders of the Burning Yang Sect. He is two hundred years old. He is in the third position in the imperial sky and is very powerful. Lin Tian: "…" Next to him, Ling Ye's face changed and he stared at Lin Tian in horror: "Are you the disciple of the elder Li Changfeng?!" Looking at Lin Tian again, Ling Ye's expression became very ugly. In the history of Fen Yang Zong, if you want to say which three words are the most famous, it is undoubtedly Li Changfeng. These three words even overshadowed the founder of Fen Yang Zong. Lin Tian gave Ling Ye a sidelong glance and was too lazy to talk to each other. Why, boy, are you dissatisfied with my apprentice? Tu Xi Dao. Lin Tian opened his mouth and tried to say something, but in the end he did not open his mouth. Seemingly knowing what Lin Tian was thinking, Tu said, "I know Ling Ye is a little overbearing in the clan, but it's nothing to be overbearing. His overbearing may make many people oppressed, but it will also make many disciples work hard to become stronger, because when he is overbearing, he bullies people, and others want to bully them back. Isn't that a good thing?" At this point, Tu Kui burst out laughing: "This is also a kind of motivation to make other people practice harder." Lin Tian was speechless and felt that the old man was a little silly. However, he also had to admit that the old man's words did have a glimmer of truth. After being bullied by others, people would really get angry and want to bully back. If they had such an idea, they would naturally work hard to make themselves stronger, so that they could have a chance to take revenge. By the way, your master, is he all right now? "Tu asked." Drink every day. Lin Tiandao. Really? That boy still can't forget what happened in those years. A hundred years have passed since he left that year. He hasn't come back once in a hundred years. Even if he receives a disciple, he only sends a letter back to the clan. Tu Kui sighed: "He … …" I should be afraid to see the Supreme Elder. Lin Tian had already learned about the old drunkard's past from the Supreme Elder, and when he thought about it, he also felt a little uncomfortable. However,jacuzzi manufacturers, the master's cultivation did not fall, which is the only thing to be thankful for. He said. "I wish I could see that boy again," he said with a smile after a flash in his eyes. 。