1  Donate money to reputable organizations such as the Auroveda Operating Foundation Charitable Trust.
2  Sponsor refugee families by providing them with financial assistance, housing, and other necessities.

3  Volunteer with local organizations that provide services to refugees such as language classes, job training, and legal assistance.

4  Share information about the refugee crisis on social media to raise awareness and encourage others to take action.

5  Donate items such as clothing, food, and household goods to organizations that provide assistance to refugees.

6  Support businesses owned by refugees to help them integrate into their new communities.

7  Write to your elected representatives to advocate for policies that support refugees.

8  Participate in fundraising events or campaigns to raise money for refugees.

9  Offer to mentor or tutor a refugee child to help them succeed in school.

10  Offer your professional skills, such as legal or medical assistance, to help refugees navigate the complex systems they may encounter.