At the foot of the Xunfeng Terrace, the Taoists and all the goblins who had gathered to listen to the lecture were all listening attentively to his lecture, while she looked at his handsome profile and watched it crazily until the lecture was over. When he got off the Xunfeng Terrace, suddenly, Zhen Zhu saw a slight pause in his figure. Then, as if hesitating, he suddenly turned his head and cast a glance in her direction. Wu Wei occupied this position, although the comparison is the best, but in fact the distance is also a little far, and Zhen Zhu has not turned into a human form, has been hidden in the shadow of a flower tree, perhaps he simply can not see himself. But at that moment, when he looked back, Zhen Zhu's heart was beating like thunder, and out of a kind of mind that even she herself could not tell, she actually slipped away and shrank her head behind a stone. When she finally mustered up her courage and poked her head out again, he had only one figure left. With the disciples and Taoists, he gradually went away and completely disappeared from sight. The meeting of Luo Tian is over, and before the arrival of midnight tonight, these spirits from outside the mountain gate must all go out. Everyone reluctantly went out of the mountain gate. Wu Wei was so excited that he went back to the place where he lived, thinking that Zhen Zhu had slept, and exchanged his practice experience with a good willow spirit, and kept talking. A full moon slowly rose overhead,ceramic bobbin heater core, and the moonlight, like water, quietly sprinkled the whole mountain forest. These seven days of Luo Tian Dharma meeting, even if Zhen Zhu has no intention of cultivating Taoism, but immersed in it, her spiritual power unconsciously, seems to have really improved. Compared with the past, she could easily change back to human form, sitting on a tree trunk with her knees in her arms,steatite c221, looking up at the bright moon slowly shuttling under the cover of floating clouds in the night sky, and recalling over and over again the appearance of him sitting on the wind platform to lecture tonight. The faint voice of Wu Wei and Liu Shujing exchanging their cultivation experience still came intermittently from the ear. He was so excited that he might say it was all night. Zhen Zhu finally made up his mind, quietly down from the tree, found a pear flower essence living nearby, and asked her to send a message to Wu Wei tomorrow morning, saying that she had left in advance, so that he would not have to remember himself any more. Before leaving, she left an old Ganoderma lucidum she had picked from the cliff in the cave of Wuwei, and then, guided by the moonlight, she hurried towards the mountain gate. The boundary of the mountain gate will be closed again after midnight tonight. This is her last chance. If she doesn't go in again before the boundary is closed tonight, then I'm afraid it will be very difficult to get close to Qingyangzi again. Let's go in first. As for the rest, take one step and watch one step. But that pear flower essence, Zhen Zhu actually already saw out, she has been silently liking Wu Wei, but Wu Wei is slow, ceramic bobbin element ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, has never noticed her. She doesn't belong to this world, and it's not appropriate to stay with Wu Wei all the time. Zhen Zhu rushed back to the mountain gate, panting, but fortunately, he finally dived in smoothly. Just moments after she went in, she felt a golden light behind her, and the boundary came back! She was so excited and nervous that she was afraid to disturb the ferocious crane who was dozing somewhere at the moment. She held her breath and tried to go inside carefully. Suddenly, a nightmarish voice came from behind her: "Beauty, I've been with you all night. You sent it to the door by yourself. Don't blame me!" Zhen Zhu suddenly looked back and saw the face of a man smiling at himself in the moonlight. It was the dragon! After the previous encounter with this golden dragon, for several days in a row, Zhen Zhu was a little nervous, and then he never appeared again, and gradually forgot. Never thought that at this moment, he would suddenly come out like a ghost. Zhen Zhu's hair stood on end, and he didn't dare to shout loudly. He just ran forward desperately, but where could he run past the dragon? He was chased by him and had no way to go. He was angry and afraid. He was flustered and confused. He didn't pay attention to the stone steps at his feet. He tripped and fell to the ground. With a scream, the whole person rolled down the mountain steps. Yun Biao jumped up and caught Zhen Zhu: "Beauty, what are you running for?"? Last time I was bluffed by you, saying that you knew my Martial Uncle and were sheltered by him! I'll see how you lie this time! Or obediently from me, this prince is to take you to heaven to enjoy happiness, not to eat you! Zhen Zhu struggled, but where struggled with the strength of a dragon, he was forced to pick up from the ground. As soon as Yun Biao held her in his arms, he felt a soft lump in his arms, and felt crisp and numb to the bone. All over his body, his hair stood on end. He wished he could swallow her in one mouthful. He hurriedly lowered his head to incense her. Zhen Zhu frightened, despair, the mind suddenly came out of the true amulet of Lu Yidao, this moment can only be a dead horse as a living horse doctor, hurriedly recite, three times before, forehead eyebrows that day by Lu Yidao Jun thumb point of the skin suddenly a heat, followed by a golden light, I saw the cloud scream, a twinkling of an eye flew out of a few feet away, like a cloth bag, fell heavily on the ground. The power of the golden light was so great that it was terrible. Not counting the flying golden dragon, the wave of air continued to rush towards the mountain gate behind him. When it was blocked, there was a loud bang, like a Jiao Lei exploding on the ground. The towering mountain gate in front of Yuxuguan, which had been standing here for tens of thousands of years, was also blown off a corner, and half of the mountain gate collapsed. Broken glass stones, large and small, fell all over the ground, and the golden dragon was buried under the pile. At first, he lay motionless, as if he had fainted. After a moment, he listened to him. Chant Struggling to get up from the ground, his face was covered with blood and his face was full of disbelief. Then, as if he had come to his senses, he gnashed his teeth and hobbled towards Zhen Zhu. After a few steps,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, he staggered and spat out a mouthful of blood. Then he fell to the ground and did not move any more. When Jinlong was thrown out just now, Zhen Zhu also fell on the stone steps. But she completely forgot about the pain. She remembered that when Lu Yidaojun passed on her true amulet that day, she had mentioned that she could use it to save herself when she was in danger.