South Korea's Internet speed is really not covered, almost instantly, a blue s sè appeared in front of the girl. Looking at the web page named "Music _ Warehouse" in front of her, the girl could not help twitching in the corner of her eyes. It was really worthy of its "trial run" status. It was indeed a simple prototype. Huge cursive head-up, in the position of the web navigation bar, there is a clear BBS entrance and music category search bar, but the status of the search bar is still not open. The main interface of the web page with light blue and sè tone is roughly divided into two parts. The upper part is divided into several columns, which are sliding display boards of some music news, popular songs and so on. A large block below is a vertical row of song names, the font looks very conspicuous, and at the end of each song name, there is an obvious download button with special effects, and a small downward arrow jumps. What is this? Is that what you're in such a hurry to see? Cui Dajie, who was robbed of power, stood behind the girl, and Cui Xiuying's every move was clearly seen by her. However, the more I see clearly,cordierite c520, the more I can't figure out what my sister, who has always made some unexpected moves recently, is doing. Yeah, I just want to see this. Cui Xiuying's mood at this time has been calm, began to seriously examine the design of the web page. Is there anything remarkable about this website? Sister Cui continued not to understand. Nothing. It's just, maybe it'll be a fun place later. Cui Xiuying tries to make ccāo, and the feeling of using it can not be said to be very interesting. The playing of the song even has a waiting process to call an external program. It's still too simple. The interface relies too much on text,Ceramic Band Heater, and the intuitive experience is somewhat cumbersome. At this time, Cui's mother came in and told the two sisters to go downstairs for dinner. Cui Xiuying ignored Cui Dajie's obstruction and carried her laptop downstairs. Came to the table, see Cui Dad's first sentence is: "Dad, the company launched this site is too simple." "Now this is just a prototype, the purpose is to test the stability of some web programs in advance, especially the experimental download function, UI has not yet been fully done.". Besides, it is only a trial run at present, and the company has not carried out any external publicity, so few people should know about it. Cui's father focused on the tableware in front of him and did not lift his head. At present, the main problem facing the operation team is the source of music, not simply one or two songs, Ceramic Bobbin ,10g Ozone Generator, which requires various negotiations, involving copyright issues, very complex. There is also the need to wait for the progress of Samsung Electronics hardware cooperation, and the time seems to be more urgent. If the progress that light is waiting for a family comes up with, can compare passivity, so the idea of administrative levels is to enter the market with mode of common music website first. "Did the company spend money on downloading these songs?" Cui Xiuying did not care too much about the organization and cooperation, but heard about the issue of music copyright. Some of them, but more of them are to sign a sharing agreement. After all, in the trial operation stage, we only contacted some small music production teams to set up the framework of the music library first. We haven't contacted any big music production companies yet. "Dad, I have to say that your concept is still too rigid, and the most old-fashioned thing is that you try to control everything in your own hands.". I remember saying the other day that the main core concept of building this website is to act as a bridge. We connect all the scattered links in the sales chain to one point, making the whole process flat. As long as we keep this concept and do it well, we will not only not pay for it, but also upload our own music works into our music library on the initiative of music companies. "Oh?"? What kind of ideas do you have? In fact, copyright and anti-piracy are the key problems we need to overcome at present. It is also because of these concerns that it is expected that negotiations with music production companies will be very difficult. What can you do about this? Cui's father is interested. Dad, is the company really interested in investing in online music? Cui Xiuying raised her head, which had been looking at the computer screen, and her eyes were serious. The focus is not on online music, it's just the way to get into the market. Like you said the other day, our purpose is mobile commerce. "Cui's father answered very seriously.". The girl tilted her head noncommittally and curled her mouth in a very cute way. Sister Cui could not help pinching her sister's cheek when she saw it. The girl was about to fight back, and then the two sisters were quickly stopped by Cui's mother. Cui Xiuying's line of sight returned to the computer screen, continued his explanation: "Dad, you are too small to see the potential of the Korean entertainment industry, in fact, online music is also very promising.". Although I told my father so much that day, it was hard to avoid some castles in the air, so later I looked up some information on the Internet. According to these materials, I think that a music service platform integrating cable network and mobile network is actually very promising, and if it is done well, it will definitely be a huge market. Cui Xiuying continued to work on the computer, but Su Yong recalled some "distant" memories in his mind. She was sure that there was no trace of the website in her memory. Anyway, your current pre-construction will be linked to this aspect, and the digital music service will be done well here, as an extension, maybe the pace of mobile commerce can be accelerated. "The investment department of these companies you mentioned has also conducted a survey, and now digital music is really popular, and it has a great impact on the sales of physical records.". "But these are some copyright-free acts, not to mention the violation of the law,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, there is no profit point of their own, is it the last or selling advertising?" Cui's father frowned. What do you have in mind? "I.." "Well, it's time to eat." Cui's mother intervened strongly to stop the business talks between father and daughter. "Eat honestly and talk after dinner." 。