Surprise plan came to an end, Shen Duqing's mood is not very good, did not talk to him. But Jiang Zhi obviously did not want to be so insipid with her. Out of the corner of his eye, he took out something from his pocket, shook it with a big movement, and put it on his face. It's a black mask. Shen Duqing's eyes slanted past. Jiang Zhi raised his flexible right eyebrow to her. Good. Provoke her. You can lose the game, but you can't lose momentum. Shen Duqing took the mask off his face and showed him a perfect smile. Did you finally find out it was me? Little mentally retarded. Jiang Zhi obviously had a lot of opinions about this "appellation" and pressed down his eyebrows. He also took off his mask and shook it gently in the palm of his hand. Sister Juan, you're in my hands now. Gao Yangbo was not late today, but he did not know what he had done last night. He slept for two classes and just woke up, yawning and turning back. Shen Duqing smiled at him more sincerely than he did at Jiang Zhi. Good morning Gao Yangbo fell directly from his chair: "I am cursory!" Jiang Bozhou turns a head: "How, did your buttock grow nail?" Gao Yangbo sat on the ground and couldn't get up. His trembling fingers pointed at his back. It took him a long time to squeeze out a scream from his throat:.. The Devil! Jiang Bozhou turned around, stopped his eyes on Shen Duqing's face, and whistled: "Yo." After the English class, the class representative was distributing yesterday's quiz, and many people's attention was attracted by the big noise here. Yesterday, the transfer students who did not show their faces all day finally revealed their true colors. The boys made a few sounds of cold air in the pile, and the girls' whispers were not concerned about the volume at all. I didn't expect it to be so beautiful. I thought it was an ugly girl! "I think she looks better than Zhuo Lingling." "Keep your voice down, Zhuo Lingling is behind you, be careful to be heard." Gao Yangbo's reaction gave Shen Duqing a sense of satisfaction that he could not get from Jiang Zhi. She calmly opened the English book, did not look at Gao Yangbo, light way: "You don't have to make such a big gift. Get up,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, Aiqing." Gao Yangbo remembered the cheap coquettish offender he made to the "goddess" yesterday. Holding Jiang Bozhou's calf was painful. Jesus Christ! Help! Kill me! "Do you want to live or die? Make it clear, or God will be embarrassed." Shen Duqing added insult to injury. A crying shame! She cheated on my feelings and humiliated me! Gao Yangbo wailed even louder and kicked his legs on the ground. "I can't live this life!" Jiang Bozhou seemed a little disgusted, moved his calf, tried to get rid of him, and failed. Can you get up first? The whole class is looking at you. Five minutes later, the picture of you sitting on the ground will be on the front page of the forum. Do you believe it? This sentence succeeded in persuading Gao Yangbo, who was on the verge of collapse, to stop immediately and climb up in humiliation. Shen Duqing glanced at him with a smile: "Do you still have the burden of idols?" Gao Yangbo went on a rampage again, grabbing Jiang Baizhou and shaking him. "She taunted me again, did you hear that?"! This is a naked humiliation! After shaking, alumina c799 ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, Jiang Bozhou wanted to shake Jiang Zhi again. Before he touched Jiang Zhi's clothes, his eyes slanted and he immediately shrank back. He slapped the table and said sadly, "Shen Duqing, boss!"! Why aren't you surprised?! Your deskmate has turned into a female devil! "Do you think everyone is as stupid as you?" Jiang Zhi made no secret of his dislike. When the bell rang, Gao Yangbo sat back heartbroken. The English teacher greeted everyone with a big smile and exchanged a few words with each other in English. The quiz paper was finally sent to Shen Duqing and Jiang Zhi. The class representative did not know what he was afraid of. He threw the paper far away to Jiang Zhi and turned around and ran away. The paper fell in the middle of the two tables, and Jiang Zhi's line of sight swept over and paused. The bright red 20 × gas swallows the mountains and rivers and penetrates the back of the paper, showing the anger of the corrector. Jiang Zhi glanced at Shen Duqing's paper again. Heh! All right. The English teacher finished the exchange and talked about the situation of the test yesterday. I have seen that some students' grammar is relatively weak, but on the whole, everyone's foundation is good, and the correct rate is basically above 60%. "When the English teacher said this, he glared at Jiang Zhi," Only one person is dragging his feet, the unique 0 points in the whole grade! " It seemed that all the students in the class knew who the zero player was, and their eyes drifted towards this side. Jiang Zhi was used to this kind of scene, and as if nothing had happened, he picked up his glorious test paper and swept it over. You did it on purpose. Shen Duqing tilted his head and smiled at him: "surprise ~" "Coincidentally, I have a surprise for you, too." Jiang Zhi raised his chin and motioned to her, "Look at your drawer." Chapter 11 Shen Duqing has no doubt that this "surprise" will mean that the hatred and fighting between her and Jiang Zhi will enter a new historical stage. From then on, every second is a battle. Shen Duqing's only weakness is the fear of insects, if Jiang Zhi wants to make fun of her, it is very likely to be related to snakes, insects, rats and ants. The thought that there might be some worms wriggling in her drawer at the moment. Shen Duqing's scalp tingled and goose bumps rose all over his body. But in order to maintain her elegance and not show her timidity, she resisted the survival instinct to stay away from the table at once. She is not a sloppy person, knowing that she has something in her drawer, she can't waste time with ink. She bent down to take a look first, and in addition to her original things, there was a small square box. Not seeing what made her scream out of the blue, Shen Duqing's heart settled a little, and he smoothly took out the box and put it on the table. It's either a scare box that pops up something, or it's a bug. Shen Duqing did not mind guessing Jiang Zhi with the lowest degree of naivety. But when she lifted the lid at an angle and slowly and carefully translated it open, it revealed a picture bit by bit. Open half of the field of vision, can only see that it is a person, wearing blue and white clothes,ceramic bobbin heater, is the school uniform of No.7 Middle School. Shen Duqing glanced suspiciously at Jiang Zhi. Jiang Zhi sneered, "Sister Juan, you are too timid. What about Wei Ziyue's courage just now?" 。