"Since Cici is not feeling well, there is no need to say hello!"! Go back to rest early! Mo Ziran said as he looked at Chen Zhenguo, "Anxi, until the baby is born!" "No!" Xu Anxi immediately walked up to Mo Ziran and knelt down, "Grandma, how can you not come to pay your respects to you and Grandpa?"! It's not right. I'm not that weak. I'm just tired of going to the hospital today. "Then go back quickly!" Chen Zhenguo said coldly. After Chen Zhenguo spoke out, Chen Guoqiang's family finally withdrew from the old house of the Chen family. Mingyan, take Xixi upstairs to have a rest! Back at the new house, Shen Ru immediately said to Chen Mingyan. Mingyan! Xu Anxi looked embarrassed. Cece, what's wrong? Chen Mingyan asked. "I Xu Anxi paused, a very embarrassed look." Cici, do you want to eat something? Mrs. Xu took over Xu Anxi's words. It's just too much trouble! So I just. Shen Ru immediately came forward and said enthusiastically, "It doesn't matter, Xixi, just say what you want to eat!"! Pregnant women are like this, the mouth is more stubborn! "Yes!"! Pregnant woman is such, what can you always want to eat suddenly? Mrs. Xu echoed in the side. Seeing this, Chen Mingyan hurriedly lowered his head and asked Xu Anxi, "Xixi, what do you want to eat?" "Mingyan!" Xu Anxi's tone is full of timidity, "I want to eat the Bean Paste Dumpling of Heji!" Good! I'll buy it for you right away! Then he held Xu Anxi,aluminum tile trim, "I'll help you go upstairs to rest first!" "Ming Yan!"! Mom, send Cici up! Mrs. Xu hurriedly said, and then a very embarrassed expression, "pregnant women want to eat is more anxious." "The in-laws are right. Pregnant women are in a hurry to eat!" Chen Guoqiang said to one side, and then he looked at Shen Ru with a smile. "In those days, when your mother was pregnant with you, she wanted to eat pancakes in the middle of the night and immediately asked me to buy them. I ran a few streets and didn't buy them. When I got home, your mother saw me empty-handed and cried." "Ah!" Shen Ru was a little embarrassed. "Why did you say that in front of the child?" Shen Ru turned to urge Chen Mingyan,aluminium edge trim, "Mingyan, why don't you go quickly?" "Oh!"! OK Chen Mingyan immediately nodded, then turned and walked out. After Chen Mingyan went out, Xu Fu helped Mo Ziran go upstairs. Cici! As soon as she entered the room, Mrs. Xu immediately pulled Xu Anxi and asked, "What happened to you just now? Why did you insist on paying your respects to that bitch? Are you crazy?" "Mother!"! I'm not crazy! As soon as she entered the room, Xu Anxi changed her previous weak appearance downstairs. She sat on the bed and crossed her legs. "Mom, didn't you hear that just now?"? Mo Ziran let me stay at home every day, where not to go, this is not a disguised idea of house arrest me? "Ah!" Mrs. Xu patted her head, "Xixi, after what you said, it's true!"! That girl is so vicious that she wants to put you under house arrest! You said, "Mrs. Xu came to Xu Anxi," Xixi, aluminum tile edge trim ,tile trim manufacturers, you say, is that girl suspicious, she is suspicious that you are not really pregnant? " "No!" Xu Anxi shook her head, "where is she so powerful?" "Come to think of it, she's not that good, and even if she suspects it!" Mrs. Xu's face was full of pride. "We have that hospital report. What if she suspects it?" "Now there's no need to worry about the girl and the ghost in the old house, but, mother!" Xu Anxi's face was worried, "now the most important thing is that I really want to be pregnant!" "Mmm!"! Indeed, Cece, you have to redouble your efforts to get pregnant in these three months! Mrs. Xu paused, "of course, it's better to be pregnant this month, so we don't have to do so much in the future." "Ah!" Xu Anxi sighed, "I want to, too!"! But since I came back, Mingyan has been sleeping in the guest room! "Mingyan sleeps with clients?" Mrs. Xu asked in surprise. Yeah! Since I came back, he always stayed with me at night and then went to sleep in the guest room. ” "That's no good. He's been sleeping in the guest room. How can you be pregnant in two or three months?" "Isn't it?"? That's what I'm worried about? Mom Xu Anxi looked at Mrs. Xu for help, "Mom, what can I do?" Chapter 331 what can I do if I don't compromise! "Then you make trouble!"! These are all small things. Mrs. Xu's tone was somewhat disgusted with Xu Anxi's stupidity. Useless, I tried, just came back the second day I made trouble, but he was afraid of the baby in his stomach in the end, insisted on going to the client to sleep. How did this happen? So in the end you just compromised? Xu Anxi hung her head, "finally Shen Ru said so, what can I do if I don't compromise?" "Then Cici, you're going to keep on making trouble!" "Keep going!" Xu Anxi looked at Mrs. Xu with some puzzlement, and then said with some concern, "If you make trouble again, I'm afraid it will backfire. I'm afraid Mingyan and Shen Ru will hate me even more." "No, certainly not!" Mrs. Xu promised. Mom, why do you say that? Why don't Ming Yan and Shen Ru hate me? Xu Anxi does not understand, Chen Mingyan most do not like women to cling to, those Yanzhao things now Chen Mingyan has not forgiven her, and now to make trouble, this Shen Ru hate her just, but Chen Mingyan hate is no way out. Because now you have been confirmed to be pregnant, so Shen Ru will help you, Xixi! Mrs. Xu grabbed Xu Anxi's hand. "Xixi, in this family, besides Chen Mingyan, you must have a good relationship with Shen Ru and try your best to please her. There is also Chen Guoqiang. Don't hide from him because he hates you. Sometimes father-in-law is more powerful than mother-in-law." "Mother!"! I naturally know this, in fact, from the first day I entered the door, I tried my best to be good to Chen Guoqiang, but! Xu Anxi's face showed a fierce light, "but he just never accepted my love." When she makes Chen Guoqiang old, she will certainly give him a good look. Cece,tile trim factory, stop it! When Xu Anxi wanted to go on, Mrs. Xu motioned Xu Anxi to stop. Mrs. Xu looked at the door and whispered, "It seems that someone came up!" 。 jecatrims.com