The magic dragon nodded: "However, this is only one aspect, because the evil shadow mantra also has a drawback, this drawback, so that the evil shadow mantra can not even enter the heart technique, almost jumped into the technique of demons and ghosts, people in the door are not in a critical moment, generally will not easily display the evil shadow mantras!" "What is the drawback?" Ling Yan listened attentively. That is, after the practice of Evil Shadow True Words, if the strength of the practitioner grows too fast, and the mind and spirit do not follow, it is very likely to be controlled by Evil Shadow!!! "Controlled by evil shadows?" Ling Yan is a little jumpy. Yes, because the strength of the evil shadow is based on the strength of the practitioner, if the mind and spirit can not follow, then the evil shadow with extremely strong strength, it is easy to control the practitioner, and then erase his consciousness, and turn the practitioner into a puppet of the evil shadow! Therefore, people in the Taoist school pay attention to the cultivation of the mind,stainless steel tile edging, the cultivation of immortals, the cultivation of the mind, and then to the great way of cultivation. Apart from people in the Taoist school, if other people refine the evil shadow truth, it is very likely that they will be eaten back and controlled by the evil shadow. Therefore, such evil methods are not passed on to the outside world by the Taoist School, and most of those who learn the evil shadow truth will not die well! "So the greenway owner is deliberately hurting me?" Ling Yan suddenly remembered that his evil shadow words were deliberately taught to him by the Lord of Greenway Gate,stainless tile trim, and immediately secretly said angrily in his heart. I don't think so! The magic dragon thought and said.. "Why?" "Because even I can see that your mental strength is not general, can he not see it?"? Depend on this to harm you, still not be meat steamed stuffed bun beats a dog, never return? "This.." ..... ..... After discussing for a while, Ling Yan also began to clean up the battlefield. After the three souls and seven souls of the ferocious beast seal the heart, there is the immortal core. In this way, Ling Yan has 17 immortal cores on hand. According to the usual calculation, a disciple alone gets 17 immortal cores, which is absolutely a lot. Ling Yan moved to the place where the breath of interest came out in a twinkling of an eye. This is it! The magic dragon hurried a little. Ling Yan drew out the sword of offering sacrifices to the moon, and then cut the golden land at his feet. The gold body in front of him, which was the same as the one around him, was the interest gold. Apart from the breath, everything else was the same as the ordinary gold next to it, stainless steel edging strip ,stainless steel tile edge trim, and it was only the size of a palm. Ling Yan carefully dug out the interest with the sword of offering sacrifices to the moon, and suddenly, this area suddenly trembled. The original interest is the source of this area! Ling Yan looked at the land of gold that slowly collapsed around him and the special elements that gradually dissipated in the air, and immediately understood.. "I don't know much about interest, but look at this phenomenon, it should be!"! Ling Yan, leave here quickly, after all is a special place, afraid to change! The dragon seems to have a bad feeling. At this time, however, countless figures shot this way. The fierce beast has been killed! "The man is still here. Stop him." A few muffled shouts rang out.. Chapter 1047 don't hurt him (for red). Ling Yan was a little surprised, turned around and looked at the sky, two men and two women were running towards this side at a high speed. I have never seen the way they dress, and I have never heard of the smell they give off. Who are these people? Ling Yan thought doubtfully in his heart. "Oh?"? I asked who it was. It turned out to be a disciple of the Shadow Palace in the sky. Several people in the twinkling of an eye, has fallen in front of Ling Yan. One of them immediately smiled at Ling Yan in a somewhat sarcastic tone.. These four people are all the existence of the celestial body. The four of them looked a little hostile and a lot arrogant. Just now Yanlun reported that all our disciples died at the hands of the fierce beasts here, and two of them lost their souls! "How can a fierce beast slay so many of our disciples?" This sentence, naturally very meaningful, as to what meaning is hidden, Ling Yan will understand. The speaker was one of the women who had short hair and was covered with fairy spirit. Who are you? Ling Yan looked at the token on their waist, but was shielded, immediately alert to ask. "Oh, it seems that you are a new disciple of the Shadow Palace in the sky, right?"? Oh? The token is also blocked? Another woman with a pointed chin, fair skin and a fairly good appearance gave a contemptuous beep. Ling Yan snorted, shook his head, and did not want to continue dealing with these people. Then he turned to leave. Going? Is it that easy? Hand over the fairy core of this fierce beast! A man with long hair, wheat-colored skin, a robe and a jade flute in his hand fell in front of Ling Yan in an instant, and the jade flute directly touched Ling Yan's heart. "It's fast!" Ling Yan said with some surprise. With a hidden strength of the baby, right? But it doesn't matter! Hand over the fairy core and we'll let you go! "I killed the beast. Why should I give it to you?" Ling Yan gazed slightly and questioned. But for the sake of this fierce beast, we lost more than 30 disciples, the strength of the fierce beast is greatly damaged, and its immortal power is almost consumed, so you get cheap, this thing, friends, you can't!! Our Nu Yun Palace is incompatible with the Sky Shadow Palace. We are reasonable. If we were other disciples who have a deep hatred for your school, we would have drawn our swords long ago! Another man with long snow-white hair, sword eyebrows, star eyes, and a water chestnut face came forward with his hands behind him. This man's breath is much stronger than the other three, and this man is much more stable than the other three. The breath is gentle, the immortal gas curls up,metal trim manufacturers, a pair of immortal wind road bone's appearance, but this man is also very handsome, at least a few grades higher than Ling Yan. But none of that matters. The important thing is the three words in his sentence. Nu Yun Dian. Ling Yan showed a look of consternation: "Are you the people of Nu Yun Dian?"? [-3uww]” The enmity between the Palace of Angry Clouds and the Palace of Seeing Shadows in the Sky is feared to be known by everyone in the whole sky.