"Please wait a moment." Zhan Ruyin simply explained the scene and then returned to the back of the stage. Not long after, she came out again, her face covered with excitement and said, "Now the highest bidder is number 67!" Where is it! Ling Feng felt a cold look in his eyes behind him, and it must be the woman who brought him a sense of familiarity. He doesn't care. Anyway, no one will meet anyone after leaving the auction. Even if they meet head-on, they may not recognize each other. There's no need to worry. Is there any change in the bid? Zhan Ruyin's eyes swept over the crowd and asked again and again. She let out a long breath and said, "This gold box belongs to guest number sixty-nine." She mixed in the look of satisfaction is a piece of confusion, just Ling Feng on the number plate bid marked is a spirit crystal chapter, if only so, it is not enough to cover the woman behind, but Ling Feng marked the spirit chapter of the mutation success rate is 100%! Zhan Ruyin is very clear about what this success rate means as a master of the Yulan Sect! Even Xuanyuan Zong could not confidently claim that his own Lingzhang could reach such a high level, and because of this, when she witnessed the Lingzhang, she was even more shocked. In her opinion, even if Ling Feng's effect is slightly inconsistent with the description of 100%, it will never be too different! How is that possible!? Could it be said that there are still people among these who have mastered the skill of refining seals that even Xuanyuan Zong is inferior to? Doesn't that mean Zhan Ruyin is not only a genius in the Yulan Sect,stainless steel tile trim, but also the heir of the suzerain, who has developed a broad vision since childhood. Think a little deeper, Zhan Ruyin understands the profound meaning: Xuanyuan Zong can have today's status entirely by the magic of refining skills, if someone can cover them on this trump card, it means that the names of the seven sects are likely to change! If we can participate in the beginning of this change, it will bring great benefits to Yulanzong,china tile trim, even a fool can figure it out! So. Zhan Ruyin's heart suddenly became eager. I can't wait to catch Ling Feng and ask what's going on. Little sister, what's wrong with you? They're all waiting! James beside him saw that the younger sister had not moved for a long time and asked hurriedly. Oh, it's all right. Zhan Ruyin was startled and woke up from thinking about the future, no matter how to deal with the current auction in the future is the most important thing. She continued: "Coming up next is the last item in the auction, and I know a lot of people here are here for it." She didn't keep me in suspense, so she immediately took out a translucent porcelain bottle with three soybean-sized flames floating eerily inside. The flame is constantly shining, the surface is constantly fluctuating like liquid, and there is a faint trace of golden light transmission. The true marrow of Phoenix! Ling Feng's eyes suddenly condensed up, although never seen, but he can also be sure that this must be the essence of Phoenix! Refining the power of fire gives him a strong sensitivity. Apart from the Phoenix Clan, which is known as the Flame Elf, who else in the world can condense the flame into such a shape like running water? "Phoenix Essence, tile profile factory ,aluminium tile trim profiles, most people know that it has the function of reshaping the source of the true power of fire, and once refined, it can play a role similar to that of the original chapter of fire, and gradually transform the human body into a pure body of the original power of fire!" Zhan Ruyin further explained: "In addition, it also has a wonderful use. Whenever it is attacked by the fire skill, no matter how many injuries, as long as a drop of Phoenix marrow can recover immediately!" Somehow, Ling Feng always felt that Zhan Ruyin's words seemed to point to something, and before he could think clearly, people around him began to bid one after another. Maybe they don't care about the effect of reshaping the source of true power, but the last point is too tempting to have such a treasure in the body. In the future, won't there be one more safeguard for the strong in the fire department? After a slight glance, Ling Feng wrote down his price. After finishing writing, he looked up and Ling Feng's face flashed a trace of curiosity: "How did they follow the bid?"? Do you also need the essence of the Phoenix? Following Ling Feng's eyes, I saw three people sitting on one side of the disc, and the man on the far right was tall. His face was not disguised at all, and on his right eyebrow was printed a golden eagle ready to fly. Although we don't meet much, Ling Feng will never fail to recognize this man Heng Chong, the sixth swordsman on the Top Ten List! On his left sat an old man. The old man, with a full head of silver, sat casually but had an elegant and natural demeanor. There was a sense of freedom in the royal palace, and it was obvious that he had been in a high position for a long time. Ling Feng, the man sitting beside the old man, also knew that it was Wei Miao who had gone to Star Blue, and Ling Feng's soul pressure was indirectly from his hands. After recognizing Wei Miao. Ling Feng's heart moved, and he suddenly thought of the identity of the old man in the middle. Look at his magnanimity. Is he St. Haislan? These three people together, did not make any disguise, presumably also, they do not belong to the endless wasteland, naturally do not have to worry about being recognized to cause trouble. There are so many people bidding for the essence of the Phoenix. Shi Tian'e's voice sounded in Ling Feng's knowledge of the sea: "But don't worry too much.". Most of them bid with the idea of trying. I'm not really sure. The effectiveness of your Lingzhang has been verified. I'm afraid there are few people who can withstand the temptation of taking out five pieces at once! Ling Feng nodded silently, and the pressure around him increased unprecedentedly. Staring at Zhan Ruyin, my heart was suddenly raised to my throat! A group of alchemists quickly made an assessment and finally reported it to Zhan Ruyin. After hearing, Zhan Ruyin face immediately emerged a color of extreme shock, she took a number plate with some disbelief, and then checked it again and again. There was a strange disappointment in the ecstasy, and finally she managed to calm down her disordered breath. He said with a smile, "After our evaluation, the highest bidder for this bottle of Phoenix Marrow is No.69." "What?" Ling Feng shook. Brother Ling,stainless steel edge trim, don't be impulsive, and don't increase the price at random. There's something wrong! Shi Tianer hurriedly reminded: "Let's see!" All of a sudden, countless eyes cast on the mysterious woman behind the sixty-nine peaks!. jecatrims.com