Su Fengnuan retreated, only to realize that her back was against the trunk, and for no moment did she feel that the tree really deserved to die. Ye Chang's kiss with thick anger, overwhelming crushing, Su Fengnuan can not bear, the body can not help but tremble up, hands and feet seem to lose strength at this time, the air flow of the whole body seems to be imprisoned by his momentum stagnation. The sky is dark in front of us. Su Feng's warm body softened involuntarily. Ye Chang's hand tore her thin clothes at this time, and the warm hand slipped onto her body and stuck to her skin. Su Feng's warm and cool body seemed to be burned at once. She raised her eyes in panic and looked at Ye Chang. Before she could react, Ye Chang's other hand also covered her body. Lips still crushing her lips, a pair of cold eyes looking at her frightened look. Su Fengnuan opened his mouth and was pressed by his lips, but he could not make a sound. Ye Chang's hand slipped around her body, one hand folded back, tore off the ribbon around her waist, Su Fengnuan's face changed, suddenly raised his hand, as if the strength came back in an instant, raised his hand to hit Ye Chang's face. Ye Chang stared at her coldly with a pair of eyes, not hiding. Su Fengnuan looked at him, his hand stopped as it approached his face, trembling gently, and his body kept trembling. The two of them looked at each other, and she saw a piece of ice from his eyes, which spread thousands of miles of ice under the rage, and he saw a thick emotion mixed with panic and anger from her eyes. There was no wind around, there was no movement, the trees were deep,heavy duty rack manufacturers, like a wilderness, no one disturbed, not even a rabbit. After a moment, Ye Chang suddenly sneered and stared at her. "What else do you have to say now?" Su Feng's warm breath was so urgent that he really couldn't say a word. Ye Chang looked at her, "You are gifted with early wisdom. You found me with your father twelve years ago. You are still young. Since then, you have written down that you will protect me all my life and take this as an oath.". For many years, you have learned martial arts and scheming, and you have tried your best to hold Jianghu in your hands. You don't want me to be poor. The gold and silver in Rong An's mansion are more full than the treasury. I can't squander it all my life. Northern Zhou Xingbing, you rushed to the battlefield,heavy duty cantilever racks, three steps a plan, ten steps a kill, Chu Han was seriously injured, seized the cold jade pendant from his hands, defeated the Northern Zhou Dynasty. In terms of scheming and scheming, who has a thorough understanding of the world? My heart has long been taken away by you, in your hands, now I do not have you, the heart is empty as barren, you can not feel? Don't you understand? Su Fengnuan shook the corners of his mouth, and his face was suddenly covered with a layer of ash. Ye Chang looked at her clearly, and his anger rose again. "Do you feel like a failure now?"? For so many years, everything has been successful, according to your expectations, but it happened that I was robbed of my heart by you, and I felt that I had failed? You think you should have avoided me long ago. You shouldn't have been close to me. You shouldn't have protected me clearly. Let me lose my heart here. You can't give me your heart, can you? Su Fengnuan's heart and blood surged, and he was even more speechless. Ye Chang said angrily, "are you talking?"? Do you really have nothing to say? Su Fengnuan closed his eyes, shuttle rack system ,warehousing storage solutions, angry and angry, for his aggressive, she took a long time to speak in a dumb voice, "You." Who says I have nothing to say? What can I say if you press me like this? When Ye Chang heard this, he was very angry and smiled. "Can't you say that?"? I'm not kissing you now, and I'm not gagging you. Su Fengnuan immediately felt the thunder roaring, hitting her out of breath, her eyes covered with mist, angry way, "you." If you dare to bully me again, I.. Ye Chang looked at her. "How are you?"? Ignoring me again? Walk away again? How long haven't you planned to see me? Su Fengnuan choked and was almost choked to death by him. He gritted his teeth and said angrily, "Do you think I can't do anything about you?" Ye Chang sneers, "how dare I think you have no way to take me?"? If you want me to die, you can do it now, and you can kill me with a slap. Su Feng was so angry that his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys all felt pain. "You are a rascal," he scolded. Ye laughed, but his voice was still cold and angry. "You knew I was a scoundrel, didn't you?"? I am a scoundrel, and you taught me all this. When I ignored you, you had to come to me. Now you have taken my heart and made me crazy for you, but you want to stay out of it, pull the red line with others, do the romance, leave me aside, you dream. Su Fengnuan was speechless and could not say a word at all. Ye Chang looked at her coldly, "say, what happened to you and Ye Xi?" Su Fengnuan's forehead suddenly jumped and he said angrily, "What's going on?" "Don't pretend!" Ye Xi stared at her and said ruthlessly, "If we don't make it clear, we'll just spend it like this and die.". Maybe someone will come and see you and me, and you know the consequences. Maybe no one can find this place, and we will starve to death here and become two white bones. Anyway, it's you and me. Live together, die together. Su Fengnuan's forehead was veined, his heart and gallbladder trembled, and his airway said, "Ye Chang!" "Well, you're still sober and know that I'm the one who bullied you, not someone else." Ye Chang looked at her, ignoring her nearly collapsed appearance, half silk not loose, "say or not to say?" Su Feng shook the corners of her mouth and suddenly felt that for Ye Chang, she was more than a failure? It's a complete failure. It happened that the person she had protected from childhood to adulthood understood her in her bones, and there was endless powerlessness in her heart. She bit her lip and said angrily, "If you want to know, I'll tell you that my master promised me to Ye Xi before he died.". Let our brothers and sisters inherit his mantle and become friends forever. Su Feng's warm words fell, and Ye Chang's whole person was gloomy again. He stared at Su Fengnuan, as if he was extremely angry. His hand on her body suddenly tightened, and he heard her "hissing" in pain. He still did not relax. He looked cold and bloodthirsty, as if he was going to swallow her. His words were cold and cold. "Just for this? Are you going to abandon me? Su Fengnuan stared at him, "when did I abandon you?"? I marry and protect you, at all. Ye Chang interrupted her angrily, grinding his teeth and saying, "In your heart, are they two different things?"? If you dare to say one more word,mobile racking systems, believe it or not, I will strangle you. Su Fengnuan was so angry that he raised his neck and said, "You can strangle me." 。