Protoss big retreat, the outside is responsible for blocking the Protoss a look at the main force began to retreat, also regardless of anything, adjust the formation began to withdraw, Protoss players hate, just one step away, as long as one step, will be able to take the dark forest, push the front forward. But the victory was destroyed by three tide hunters and a Demon player. Retreat! All retreat to the Dark Five Banners, and rearrange the formation there. Shenji Zhuge ordered loudly in the exclusive regional channel of the Protoss, "Defeat?"? No, the temporary defeat Shenji Zhuge did not think it was a failure. He wanted to regroup his forces in the Dark Five Banners. He wanted to attack the Dark Four Banners again. The white-robed beauty player, who was called Lingyue by Shenji Zhuge, also evacuated with Shenji Zhuge at this time. During the evacuation, Lingyue received a message. After reading the message, Lingyue immediately went to the side of Shenji Zbig and said a few words to him. After listening to the words, the whole person was stunned. What? Boss, how could you give such an order? "Yes, I also think it should be done, last night's action actually did not want to be completed, you know where the main force, but did not expect that the situation on your side will be so good, now there is such a problem, it should not increase the loss of experience, and the lonely ice and flame there has just come the news that they have been done there." There's a shortage over there, you know. Lingyue Youyou explained to Shenji Zhuge. Listen to Ling Yue's explanation. Shenji Zhuge the whole person is instantly decadent down, how can he not understand, last night's action, his side is not the point,mobile racking systems, just a containment role in the battlefield, but he just want to make some achievements, the beginning is a little hindered, but under his plan, midnight sneak attack, or in one night successfully won four flags, I thought I could take the dark forest, but. It happened that three tide hunters appeared at the critical moment. Shenji Zhuge hated them so much that he was not reconciled! But a "you know.." Let Shenji Zhuge have nothing to say, the fact is good at eloquence, "alas." With a deep sigh, Shenji Zhuge issued an order in the public area of Li Dark Forest Protoss. The Dark Four Flags are saved,push back racking system, led by the Tide Hunter. (Yan Zhengyang is depressed, don't you see me?) Demon players frantically chased the past in the direction of the Dark Five Flags, and the sulking that had been beaten all night could finally be reported at this time. If they did not follow up the victory, they would take down several other flags. When the Protoss get their breath back, it won't be easy to take. At this time, the dark city of the Demon players have also been online, a listen to the front line last night by the Protoss laid down four flags, are hurriedly looking for people to form a team, rushed to the front line. When Yan Zhengyang and other Demon players arrived at the Dark Five Flags, they were all jumped by the scene in front of them. The Protoss flag was flying high, but there was no Protoss. Several Demon players were trying to chop the Protoss flag at this time. "Hello.". What about the Protoss here? Someone came forward and asked the Demons loudly. We do not know ah, we are also just on the line, heard that the flag was seized, came over, but came over to see that there is no Protoss, what are you doing? Instead, the Demons got excited and shouted at a large group of Demons players, "There is no Protoss, so they put the flag here, and no one cut it down.". Faced with the questioning of the Demon player, cantilever racking system ,shuttle rack system, everyone was suffering and could not say anything, so they cut the flag. Dang Dang Dang, congratulations to the Demon players for recapturing the Dark Five Flags! Listen to the tips of the system, and then look at the change back of the dark five flags, the Demons are not happy, angry ah. "Dang Dang Dang, congratulations to the Demon players for recapturing the Dark Three Flags!" "Dang Dang Dang, congratulations to the Demon players for recapturing the Dark Two Flags!" "Dang Dang Dang, congratulations to the Demon players for recapturing the Dark Flag!" Almost at the same time, dark one, two, three flags to recapture the system prompt also rang in the ears of everyone, everyone is staring at the sky, what is this? As soon as they saw that they couldn't beat him, they all ran away? Do the Protoss come to disgust them on purpose? Why don't we fight too? To get their flags? Someone shouted loudly, too angry, too irritating, was beaten like a dog all night, and now finally can be proud and elated, but the Protoss retreated, even a hair can not catch. No, I've been playing all night. I'm so tired. I'm going back to bed. Someone hummed tiredly, one night, fighting everywhere to relieve the siege, and now finally a magical reversal. The whole person was so tired that he could hardly lift his eyelids. Yes, Protoss players all retreat, now concentrate forces, waiting for us to attack, one is not good and then all die back, can not be fun, sleep sleep.. Nervous for a night, now suddenly relaxed, all the Demons are tired and have nothing to say, but there is still a word to say, have smiled and looked up, "tide hunter, thank you.." After saying thanks, the Demons returned to the station in twos and threes, and all got off the line and went back to sleep. Listen to the people to thank them, at this time Yan Zhengyang is a person squatting in the corner giggling, he does not care who those people thank, not to mention them, even want to embrace them crazy kiss, of course, the premise is that they want to look like the Protoss beauty. Haha, getting up early today is really cool. Remis, do you know how much my crusade points are now? Yan Zhengyang asked Remis excitedly. To tell the truth, Remis is really not interested in knowing how much Yan Zhengyang's current crusade points are, but in order not to disturb Yan Zhengyang's mood, Remis still asked: How much? Hey hey, patronized to kill, I did not notice, my crusade points actually reached 3888, this morning, I actually rose 2647 points, God, it is simply unbelievable. Yan Zhengyang grinned excitedly. 2647 points, today's increase alone is more than twice as much as before. Ha ha, Remis, Luoluosi, Kumos see Yan Zhengyang so happy, but also follow the smile, they have no feeling for this data. But just a few seconds later, Yan Zhengyang said another word,wire mesh decking, three people's expressions changed at the same time, all excited and excited, more excited than Yan Zhengyang.