"Why don't you seek a meeting?" Dawu asked. "Yin and Yang are separated," said Fu Hsiao-hsia. "People and ghosts are different. I dare not meet them." "Then why did you secretly follow your brother out of the capital?" Dawu asked. Fu Hsiao-hsia said, "The younger generation followed my brother out of the capital just to protect his safety in secret." Master Dawu smiled and said, "You should know that your brother and Lady Xia have told me everything about you." "The younger generation can imagine it," said Fu Xiaoxia. "Then you should know," said Dawu, "that your brother and Lady Xia don't believe you're dead." "In fact," said Fu Hsiao-hsia, "the younger generation is now a wronged ghost. It's human nature that they don't believe it." "Miss," said Dawu, "I don't believe you even if you are poor." Fu Xiaoxia said, "That's also because the master and my father had a friendship in those years." Master Dawu shook his head and said, "No, girl, this has nothing to do with my friendship with Fu Hou." Fu Xiaoxia said, "Can it be said that Master, a Buddhist, doesn't believe in gods and ghosts?" "I am convinced," said Dawu, "that there are Buddhas in the Western Heaven and ghosts in the underworld." "Master," said Fu Hsiao-hsia, "you don't believe me.." "Just like your brother and Lady Xia, I don't believe that the girl is dead," said Dawu Zhangjiao. "It's not empty talk, but there are several grounds." "Oh,heavy duty cantilever racks," said Fu Xiaoxia, "the younger generation would like to hear the details." "First," said Dawu, "Princess De will never sit back and let the girl be buried." Fu Xiaoxia said, "Actually, Aunt Yi of the younger generation is powerless.." "There's no need to defend yourself, Miss," said Dawu Zhangjiao. "I'll give you some other grounds." "The younger generation obeys," said Fu Xiaoxia. "Master, please go on." "Second,heavy duty metal racks, I am a monk," said Dawu Zhangjiao. "I am a monk. I believe in the number of days. No matter how I calculate it, there is no reason for the girl to die young, and she will not die tragically.." Fu Xiaoxia said, "The younger generation almost couldn't help defending themselves again. Master, what else?" "There's no need to argue, Miss," said Dawu. "Even if the above two grounds have been refuted by Miss, it doesn't matter. Miss, please listen to my last irrefutable ground.." After a slight pause, he said, "Girl, what is this place?" Fu Xiaoxia was surprised and said, "Why did the master ask this question?" Master Dawu said with a smile, "Miss, I'm asking you now." "Yes," said Fu Xiaoxia, industrial racking systems ,drive in racking system, "the younger generation obeys. This is the ancient Shaolin shaving." "What is the ancient Shaolin Temple?" Dawu asked. "The root of Shaolin is the pure land of Buddhism," said Fu Xiaoxia. "Have you ever seen what gods are worshipped in the Main Hall, Miss?" The Master of Great Enlightenment asked. Fu Hsiao-hsia said, "The younger generation just burned incense and worshipped. You can see clearly that they are the Buddhas of the Western Heaven." Master Dawu smiled and said, "Miss, have you ever seen the gods standing on both sides of the temple gate?" "The younger generation saw it too," said Fu Hsiao-hsia. Those are the four Vajra gods! "What about the front hall?" Asked Dawu. Fu Hsiao-hsia said, "Wei Tuo, the Dharma Protector with a demon-conquering pestle in his hand." "That's enough," said Dawu. "Do you believe in gods and ghosts?" Fu Hsiao-hsia said, "The younger generation is a ghost themselves. How can they not believe in gods and ghosts?" Master Dawu said with a smile, "Well, girl, the gate of the temple is guarded by the four Vajras. The first hall is blocked by the Dharma Protector Wei Tuo. There are even Buddhas from the Western Heaven in the Main Hall. I don't know what kind of proverbs you have and what kind of magic power you have. You must be able to enter the Shaolin Temple without hindrance and go straight up to the Main Hall." This There does seem to be a problem! Not seeing Fu Xiaoxia, I don't know if she was stunned when she heard this, but she hesitated for a moment before answering, and her voice seemed uneasy: "Master, the younger generation also has several kinds of reliance." "I would like to hear, Miss," said Dawuzhangjiao, "how to rely on your palm." Fu Xiaoxia said, "The younger generation holds the text of Hades.." "I remember, miss," said Dawu Zhangjiao with a smile, "there was a nameless word in the underworld just now. ” What a great old monk! He has a good memory! Fu Hsiao-hsia said, "This kind of proverb has nothing to do with ghosts. Wild ghosts and wandering souls are also necessary." Master Dawu said with a smile, "I admire you for your eloquence.." "Master," said Fu Xiaoxia, "facts are like iron. It has nothing to do with eloquence." "Well," said Master Dawu, "I'm so old, but I haven't seen what Hades looks like. Can I take it out and open my eyes?" "Things in the underworld are invisible to man," said Fu Hsiao-hsia. Master Dawu said, "I can see the ghost in the underworld, Miss. How can I not see the things in the underworld?" "Forgive me, Master," said Fu Xiaoxia. "Protect yourself. The younger generation dare not show it to others easily." "Miss Xia," said Master Dawu, "why didn't you say that you had handed over the Four Vajra to me when you came in just now and asked me to go to the Four Vajra for reading? Girl, please say the second point to rely on. Let go of a horse in a joking tone, I wonder how Fu Xiaoxia feels! "The younger generation obeyed," said Fu Xiaoxia. "Before entering the temple, the younger generation visited the land of this mountain.." "Miss Xia," said Master Dawu, "where is the Temple of the Earth in this mountain?" Fu Hsiao-hsia said, "The younger generation didn't go to the Earth Temple. As soon as they entered the mountain, the Earth Lord came to stop them." Master Dawu said with a smile, "So Miss Xia has reported to the Land Bulletin of Benshan. Is there anything else?" "Yes." Fu Hsiao-hsia said, "My father died a heroic death, and the younger generation died an unjust death. The law of heaven is nothing more than human feelings. The guardian gods are mindful of this, so they are particularly accommodating to the younger generation." It is hard to refute that she is so serious that she is so perfect! Master Dawu laughed and said, "In that case, I should tell the guardian gods before the Jade Emperor in the morning class tomorrow. They didn't do their duty and took the liberty.." Fu Xiaoxia hurriedly said: "The younger generation implores, the master must not be like this, is the younger generation implicates.." She is still serious and serious! "Miss Xia," said Master Dawu with a smile,warehouse storage racks, "you can deceive anyone, but you can't deceive me. No matter what Miss Xia says, I think you are still alive and not dead. You are not a ghost." 。 jracking.com