I don't know if it lasted a few seconds or a few minutes. I heard Tanino shouting loudly: "Wind, wind-what are you doing?" When I woke up, the tap was turned on, and the white water ran freely, forming a stream on the ground. In the desert, no one dares to waste water like me, which is a crime. I reached out to turn off the tap, only to find that my palms were full of cold sweat. Tanino stood at the door of the tent and looked at me with an arbor in his hand. I wrung a wet towel and rubbed it hard on my face to clear my dazed mind. I swear I heard that voice, the English pronunciation of "Come On", repeating continuously, just like the drums last night, coming and going. What on earth exists on the mysterious pyramid? Once again, I looked up to the west. Tanino strode over with a suspicious look on his face. "Wind, what is hidden in your heart?"? Tell me, tell me- "He certainly didn't sleep well last night, and his eyes were covered with tiny blood streaks.". His hysterical cries filled me with disgust: "Nothing, nothing!" Back in the tent, Bancha's face was as gloomy as if it was going to rain, and he certainly didn't find the mysterious information in my imagination from my computer. From now on, the workers will work overtime 24 hours a day, and they will be able to get through the channel of the soil crack sweat in three days. Wind, your information is still valuable now, three days later. Hey, it's not worth a penny! Tanino followed me and meaningfully continued to attack the heart. In this sandy desert, money has once again demonstrated its omnipotent power. I took a breath and exhaled slowly, as if to spit out all the unhappiness brought by Tanino. Tanino's judgment is not wrong,asrs warehouse, he said that three days can complete the passage, will be able to complete. The key question is, even outside the pyramid, does he have a way to open a way into the pyramid? I gave Tanino a sidelong glance: "I wonder if this time, Mr. Tanino will create a more unprecedented and sensational record in the history of human grave robbery?" "Ha ha ha ha." Tanino laughed tacitly and patted his chest. "Of course, there is an old Chinese saying that if you don't have a diamond, you don't have a porcelain job.". Feng, I am thirty years older than you. Thirty years is enough to eat two large hoards of rice. Do you think I look like a git who only eats without thinking? The roar of the SUV engine attracted the attention of three of us at the same time, and we walked out of the tent one after another. Suren was jumping out of a camouflage Hummer jeep, slanting a large black satchel over his shoulder, and waving to me affectionately from a distance. She was wearing the uniform of a major in the Egyptian military, and her long hair was coiled up under her cap, which made her look clean and neat. At his feet are standard short boots, industrial racking systems ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, which are tightly tied and meticulous. Unexpectedly, the scalpel sent her alone, thinking that he would not let his sister take risks easily. It could be seen that Tanino and Bancha were not surprised by Su Lun's appearance. They greeted him with a smile and said, "Miss Su Lun, does Mr. Scalpel have any new information to give us?" Su Lun shakes his head, clap satchel: "The data has, nevertheless, give wind gentleman only, should call two disappointed." After entering the tent, Su Lun laughed in a low voice: "Hee Hee, I'm going to make this old guy Tanino angry!" He took off his cap, let his long hair down, and put the satchel on the table. I don't appreciate the words she deliberately angered Tanino. In the initial stage of cooperation, there are many places that need to rely on the strength of the Japanese, and there is no advantage for everyone to escalate their estrangement. For the sake of her coming all the way, I didn't look angry. I just asked lightly, "Where is the information?" 5 Earth Crack Sweat God's Call (2) "Information?" Su Lun raised his eyebrows exaggeratedly. "What information?" I raised my head to meet her eyes and saw her eyes and eyebrows wiggling together and winking at me. Without the slightest pause, I understood what she meant. She grabbed my right hand and tapped the mousse code in the palm of my hand. "Listen carefully." I nodded, and she continued to knock: "My brother said that according to the information of the king of grave robbers, the summons of the crocodile God is very important, and we should go anyway.". No matter when and where, as long as you hear the call, you will be able to enter the earth crack sweat and worship the crocodile God. I laughed silently, laughing in my heart: "Worship?"? What kind of crocodile God is like an ancient monarch who needs to be worshipped by mortals? Do you still have to imitate the ancient etiquette, kneeling three times and kowtowing nine times? Su Lun guessed what I was thinking and nodded with a snicker. I grabbed her left hand, thought for a moment, and knocked. "That's all?" Her hands were so soft and boneless that I couldn't help thinking about them. I am not a Puritan who abstains from sex and alcohol. As long as a young man sees a beautiful woman, I will have the physiological reaction. She nodded. Originally thought that the scalpel solemnly mentioned the matter of information on the phone, there must be a large thick diary, but unexpectedly only a few words. If I had known this, I would have said on the phone, why bother to ask Su Lun to make this trip? Su Lun is knocking again: "The elder brother wants me to install your cummer, go into pyramid together." With such a beautiful little beauty as her girlfriend, it doesn't matter even if she "pretends". I pinched her lightly on the back of her hand and smiled at the corners of my mouth. Su Lun's face blushed for a moment and he quickly pulled out his hand. With what I know about Tanino, he's sure to be able to put a bugging device in my tent. I took Suellen by the hand, walked out of the tent, and walked slowly to the west. In broad daylight, the special forces in the camp did not relax, and within ten meters, there were always soldiers holding submachine guns flashing from time to time. Don't do anything guilty, not afraid of ghosts, and in the territory of the scalpel, I believe Tanino will not do anything out of line. Suellen,warehouse pallet racks, is there really no other information? Out of the camp, convinced that the other side's eavesdropping device failed, I asked Suellen cautiously. jracking.com