Calling India from the United States can be a very expensive proposition. In fact, it can often be more expensive than calling other countries! That’s because of the high tariffs and fees levied by Indian providers. One way to cut down on your expenses when making calls to India is to use Dial91 calling cards.


These cards allow you to make cheap calls to any destination in the world without having to worry about high phone bills or hidden charges. Learn all about how to use Dial91 calling cards and save big on your calls to India today!

What Are Dial91 Calling Cards?

Dialing 91 from any phone in the U.S. will connect you to a Dial91 operator who will help you place calls to India at very low rates. The only requirement is that your call must originate from within the United States. You can use Dial91 cards to make cheap international calls, or use them to call friends and family back home without worrying about expensive long-distance rates. Just dial 91 and follow the instructions provided by the Dial91 operator.

How Do Dial91 Calling Cards Work?

Dial91 Calling Cards are a great way to cheaply call India from the U.S. Dial cards have international dialing codes and can be used with any phone. To use a Dial91 Calling Card, first purchase one at a store or online. Then dial the international dialing code for India ( 91 ) followed by the phone number you want to call. For example, if you wanted to call someone in Mumbai, you would dial 91*2233. The price of a Dial91 Calling Card will be deducted from your call amount and your phone will automatically connect to the receiving end of the call.

Is It Legal To Use Dial91 Calling Cards In India?

Dial91 Calling Cards are legal in India and can be used to make cheap calls to India. Dial91 Calling Cards come with a prepaid phone number that can be dialed directly from any phone. The Dial91 Calling Card works just like any other prepaid calling card, and the number can be redeemed for minutes, so there is no need to carry around cash or a phone card. There are several ways to use a Dial91 Calling Card in India. One way is to simply add the Dial91 Calling Card number to your phone’s contacts list and call it as usual. usa to india calling card Another way is to use the Dial91 Calling Card online by visiting and entering the Card’s Number into the “Card Number” text box. Once you have entered the number, click on the “Launchcall” button and follow the on-screen instructions. Finally, if you want to make unlimited international calls using your Dial 91 Calling Card, you can do so by signing up for an International Travel Pack which offers discounted rates on worldwide calls made using your Dial 91 Calling Card.

Cheap Dial91 Calling Cards For India

Cheap Dial91 Calling Cards For India
Dialing into India can be quite pricey, especially if you're looking to make long-distance calls. If you want to save some cash, you can use Dial 91 calling cards. These cards offer cheap rates for international calls. Plus, they come with lots of features that make calling overseas easy and convenient. Here are four tips for using Dial 91 calling cards:

1. Choose a card that offers the best deal for your needs. There are several types of Dial 91 cards available, so it's important to choose the one that best suits your needs. Some cards offer lower rates for calls within India, while others offer discounts on international calls.

2. Prep your phone ahead of time. Make sure your phone is set up to accept foreign callers and has the dialing app installed. You'll also need to have access to an active telephone line in order to make a call using a Dial 91 card.

3. Use the right contact number when making a call. When dialing into India using a Dial 91 card, always use the country code +91 and the local phone number of the person or place you want to call (for example, +91-11-234567).

4. Take advantage of bonus features offered by certain cards. Many Dial 91 cards include benefits like caller ID blocking and voicemail forwarding, which can make calling overseas easier and more convenient than ever before