Are you still using someone else’s work without giving credit to the original author? 

Stop right here. I feel like you are not aware of the consequences of plagiarism or plagiarized work. 

But don't worry, I have a solution to your problem but before that, it is necessary to make essay writer ai aware of the numerous consequences of plagiarized work. 

Stealing the ideas or words of others and showing that ai essay writer is yours is counted as stealing someone’s content or material. Stealing someone’s material or content is just like stealing someone’s property. Just like a person holds full control over his property and takes legal action if someone attempts to steal it, the person or author of the work also can take legal action against the person who used his work or content without his permission or without giving credit. 

Students especially at the college and university level should know about plagiarism and how their work is considered plagiarized as they are periodically asked to write essays or papers. An essay writer makes sure he uses his ideas and words rather than copying someone’s material as he aims to write an original and effective essay. Instructors mention in the assignments and tasks about avoiding plagiarism. A student whose work is still found to be plagiarized is directly given an F grade in that particular assignment or course. Continuously stealing someone’s work or submitting plagiarized work can lead to strict actions by the work owner as well as the educational institute in which the student is studying. 

Most of the students need to be made aware that their work is plagiarized. In some cases, they don't know what plagiarism is in actuality, or in some situations when they ask others to write their essays or papers for them. For example, in my last lecture, I found a student telling his friend to “PerfectEssayWriterAI”, after checking his essay I found out that all his work was plagiarized as his friend did not spend time writing a quality essay for him and directly copied someone’s material. This is commonly observed nowadays as students do not take their assignments or tasks seriously. 

Consequences of plagiarized work

Mentioned below are some of the consequences of plagiarized work:

  1. Reputational damage: As mentioned above, the student who continuously attempts to submit plagiarized work or show it as his work might be expelled or suspended from the institution in which he is studying. Plagiarism is strictly checked in assignments related to research. An F grade or negative comments due to plagiarized work in that particular course will also influence the upcoming courses that the student aims to pick. This is because instructors usually analyze the performance of students before allowing them to take courses with them. This analysis usually involves checking the student’s previous record, thus can badly affect the student’s future performance if he received negative comments or poor grades due to plagiarism. 
  2. Legal consequences: The legal consequences of plagiarized work are considered very serious. Copyright laws have been introduced in most countries. According to these laws, using someone’s material without his permission or without giving any credit is considered a criminal offense. Copyright laws give the material’s owner full authority to take legal action against the person stealing his work. 
  3. Monetary consequences: Students need to realize that plagiarism is a serious crime. This is because many authors, journalists, and even researchers have been exposed in the media for stealing others' work. The person found stealing someone’s material whether he is an author, journalist, researcher, or even a student, has to pay monetary sanctions and fines

Most beginners confuse paraphrasing with plagiarism. Paraphrasing is counted as plagiarism if the work being paraphrased is not credited with the help of citations. Quoting, paraphrasing, and copying the content of another author without citing it or giving him the credit is called plagiarism. Professional writers, especially those offering writing services such as perfect essay writer ai, ensure their content is cited with accurate sources to avoid such issues and maintain their image and reputation. 

Avoiding plagiarized work is very easy and simple. The best solution is to rewrite someone’s words in your own words by just catching the main idea of the text and writing it down in your own words. Reordering words are also counted as plagiarism so it should be made sure that the work is paraphrased properly and cited. Giving credit to the original author is another way to avoid plagiarism. This credit or citation can be used in many situations. First, use the exact words of the original author as quotations, enclosing them in quotation marks, and citing them. Second, paraphrase the material and cite it. Third, use just the statistical information of the original work and cite it with the remaining points in your own words. 

It is surely not possible to completely use new ideas as in most of the research works it is necessary to provide support with the help of previously done works. But this does not mean stealing others' work. The above-mentioned ways can help in using someone’s material without making your work plagiarized. Nowadays, plagiarized work is very easily caught as all over the world different software are used to check plagiarism, such as Turnitin. This software can detect plagiarized work whether the work is taken from any source.