A LOST CHILD Kindle Edition

Where did the society go wrong in providing the much-needed guidance that children require? Why are many young adults resulting in mass killings or suicide as their last resort to their hopeless situations? Is there hope for a well-knit society in the future? Rony Joseph, after keenly observing a group of emotionally and psychologically needy children, wrote A Lost Child.

The book consists of six chapters. In every chapter, Rony gives a detailed account of an aspect that he believes plays a fundamental role in the upbringing of children in today’s highly polarized society. The book gives the author’s point of view regarding the state of parenting in the 21st century.

Every child that is born into the world has a specific purpose that he/she ought to serve. The first chapter of the book gives an overview of the purpose of a child. The subsequent chapters focus on the various entities that should ensure that a child serves his/her purpose. They include parents, schools, the federal government (the author has focused on the USA), and the society.

I liked the author’s realistic approach towards the issue at hand. He did not blame anyone in particular for the failure of many children in America. He noted that the raising of a functional and stable generation is a collective responsibility of everyone in the society. I could not agree more.

The author supported his points with good examples. For instance, he gave an example of Seung-Hui Cho who killed 32 students in the Virginia Tech shooting. Rony believes that if everyone had given Cho all the attention that he required, without any form of stigmatization due to his psychological issues, the mass murder could have been avoided. Cho’s college roommate had raised an alarm to the college authorities that Cho was possibly suicidal. However, it seems that they only gave him some ‘superficial’ help without a thorough follow up.

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