It is often that we forget to tell people that we love them. Our love gets lost in the busy lives we live, and it is often that our loved ones do not feel very appreciated by us. Being busy should never be an excuse for you to stop telling people you for them and appreciate them. Start by making a little time for those you lose and offer them small gestures to make them feel appreciated.

Small gestures such as these can be your acts of love to let them know you love them.


Lend An Ear

We sometimes fail to listen to others because we are so quick to tell them what to do. When someone shares their suffering, not everyone seeks counsel. Sometimes all folks want is someone to listen. Always pay attention and refrain from making assumptions. To demonstrate that you are following along, repeat what you have heard in your mind. This is the simplest way of letting people know that you love them and are there for them whenever they need you.

Not only does it require less energy to simply listen, it greatly helps people sort out their own lives. When people talk about their problems, they learn what they must do in order to fix the problem. This is a simple and justified way of showing love and care.


Take On Daily Tasks

Managing daily responsibilities can seem like an additional burden when facing difficulties. People occasionally could believe they lack the willpower to concentrate on anything else. By assisting someone in managing their life, you can greatly increase their sense of tranquility. This is a common occurrence in our society. Purchasing clothing and diapers for young mothers or buying groceries for those who have lost a loved one gives someone more time to recover from the pain that has been caused due to the event. When someone you know is in pain, find out how you can help by asking.

An example of helping someone you love is giving them assistance, as Matthew Clark, the author of Rivers To Cross And Hills To Climb, did. He helped his wife when she was battling cancer and trying to find an escape. He helped his wife till her last breath, truly fulfilling the vow, till death do us part. This beautiful book is a tribute to Sandra Lee Clark by her husband Matthew Clark. This book will soon be available on Amazon and up for purchase.

Provide Monetary Assitance

Providing financial assistance might occasionally be a challenge. Nobody wants to feel like they are receiving something for free. We take pleasure in our ability to solve our difficulties on our own. If you do make an effort to provide financial assistance, do so politely.

Let them know that you'll provide it to them if they ask for it. But keep in mind not to fall victim to exploitation. Financial assistance may be viewed by some as a license to keep requesting more money. A fair trade balance will neither make people feel guilty about receiving the assistance nor will you fall victim to accessive leeching.