Five Must Have KPIs for B2B Marketing Reports


The ways of B2B marketing KPIs & reports have been changing rapidly in the past few years. How can marketers measure their campaign impact with greater accuracy? If you’re a B2B marketer, you’ve been on a rollercoaster ride for the past few years. The pandemic temporarily halted in-person events, a major source of leads for many B2B companies, prompting marketers to shift to digital channels. Many CMOs scrambled to upgrade their martech stack and figure out how to measure campaign impact with greater accuracy.


While marketers on the B2B side may have expanded their use of digital channels, added to the martech stack, and adopted ABM in greater numbers, the “defend the spend” imperative remains. In fact, it gained intensity. So, what should marketers be measuring now, given all the changes in the industry? Here’s a closer look at five must-track KPIs for a new era in B2B marketing.


At the same time, marketers continued to adopt account-based marketing (ABM) strategies, which became the go-to approach after intent data providers made ABM practical at scale. Marketers also had to deal with changes in the customer base, reevaluating long-established ideal customer profiles to accommodate marketplace shifts as target customers reevaluated priorities and reined in spending.


Activation rate : Forrester revised its B2B Revenue Waterfall last year to more accurately describe the sales and marketing funnel in an ABM context. In the new framework, marketing’s most important job is to activate accounts, and the activation rate tells you how marketing campaigns are performing in terms of engaging and prioritizing buying groups after intent has been detected.


Pipeline speed : This KPI measures the velocity at which accounts are moving through the funnel, which is an important metric because it can tell you which campaigns are driving accounts through the funnel fastest. Say your company’s sales cycle averages 180 days and a certain campaign and/or channel is closing business in 90 days.


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