On the off chance that you're thinking about surrendering cigarettes, vaping might be a reasonable other option. Nonetheless, prior to buying any expendable vapes, it's critical to comprehend which types might be generally gainful for you. IVapeMan offers an extensive variety of expendable vapes to support smoking discontinuance, with the IGet Dispensable Vapes being the most pursued. We additionally give different choices inside the iget disposable vape line, for example, the famous IGet Goat 5000 and IGet Legend 4000.

Numerous clients are questionable while picking between the IGet Goat 5000 and IGet Legend 4000, as both are amazing choices. Permit us to direct you in choosing the proper dispensable vape for you between the IGet Goat and iget legend.

IGET GOAT 5000 Versus IGET LEGEND 4000

Since both the IGET Legend 4000 and IGET GOAT 5000 dispensable vapes are exceptionally popular on the lookout, people who wish to quit smoking are uncertain which of the two vapes is best for them.

What Is This IGet Goat 5000?

The IGet Goat 5000 is a cutting edge electronic cigarette that offers 5000 puffs in a little, compact bundle. It offers a wide assortment of flavors for a differed vaping experience, including BLACKBERRY RASPBERRY ICE, Twofold APPLE LIME, Lavish ICE, and STRAWBERRY KIWI, making it ideal for people wishing to change from conventional cigarettes at a reasonable expense.


Compact and helpful - the IGET Goat 5000 is little and lightweight, making it simple to convey and use in a hurry.

Excellent fume - the gadget delivers thick, tasty fume thanks to its strong warming component and productive plan.

Movable temperature settings - clients can tweak the vaping experience by changing the temperature to their inclination.

Reasonable cost - contrasted with other top of the line vaporizers, the IGET Goat 5000 is generally cheap, making it an incredible incentive for the cash.


Restricted battery duration - the gadget has a moderately short battery duration, which might require incessant re-energizing.

Quality control issues - a few clients have revealed that their IGET Goat 5000 showed up with surrenders or failed after a brief time of purpose.

What is IGet Legend 4000?

The 1350 mAh battery and 4000 puff limit of the dispensable IGET Legend Vape are both great elements. It's a phenomenal choice for individuals attempting to stop smoking on account of its easy to understand plan. It was as of late delivered in 2022 and is currently notable for being sensibly evaluated.

With the IGet Legend 4000 from IVapeMan, clients in Australia might enjoy a decision of delicious flavors, including Orange Melon Lemon, Watermelon Kiwi Pomegranate, Banana Ice, Organic product Lemon Ice, Blackberry Ice, and Lemon Pop.


It is one of the most affordable e-cigarettes that anyone could hope to find. Along these lines, it's an incredible decision for those on a limited spending plan.

You can pick from a scope of flavors at IGET Legend Vape. Subsequently, you can choose a flavor that matches your own inclinations.

Usage is basic. This suggests that you can begin vaping right away and easily.


A few clients have communicated disappointment with the fume that IGET Legend Vape produces. Also, a few clients have griped that the contraption is trying to utilize.