You have compiled a list of requirements for the project, and now you can start looking for a contractor. Conventionally, software developers are divided into four categories according to the size and quality of the organization of internal processes:

Freelancer (or group of freelancers);
A small web studio or development department in a wide-ranging digital agency;
Small specialized IT company;
Large IT company.
Let's move on to describing the main characteristics of different types of companies.

Freelancer or group of freelancers

They make websites for small businesses, usually using a CMS or a website builder. They can perform a limited scope of work on a more complex project.

The staff, as a rule, consists of 1-4 people.

They will help if you need to make a simple website. For example, a personal blog or a business card site for a small company.

Web studio or web development department in an agency

A team ready to perform a well-defined task. As a rule, there are no business analysts in its composition. But they can quite cope with the technical part of the project.

The staff consists of 5-20 employees.

They will help if you need to quickly perform simple technical work on a ready-made template, but, unlike a freelancer, already with a basic contract form.

IT company specializing in a specific technology stack

Professionals in their field, who may not have the brand and recognition of larger players.

The staff usually includes 20-100 employees.

Contact us if you need custom development for medium-sized businesses (CRM and ERP systems, chat bots), projects using advanced technologies (VR/AR, Machine Learning, Big Data), as well as startups.

Large IT company using an extensive technology stack

The processes in such organizations correspond to the international level. Orientation to large-scale corporate projects.

The staff has more than 100 employees, sometimes more than 1000.

They will be useful if you need to develop complex and long-term projects for large businesses: wholesale trade, retail chains, banks, logistics companies. Or if the very brand of the development company adds value to the business asset.

I am sure that you should familiarize yourself with the wide range of services of this company and you will not regret working with them