Discover the best things to do in London

It's considered among the dream city for many people & an amazing European city that welcomes millions of people. Moreover, to make your current vacation more amazing than the previous one, there are Top 10 Things To Do In London. 

The official capital of England & the United Kingdom, & however, comprises a population of over 9 million. On the other hand, it's quite famous for the great Buckingham palace, followed by the British Museum & other renowned attractions. 

This city always greets worldwide visitors in unique style & tries to offer several memories while being at this place. 

Here is the list of the top activities:

  1. Explore hyde park:

Welcome to this amazing green space & which is also among the most famous spots in the city. The other interesting thing is that it's one of the largest parks with great historical significance.

On the other side, the factor that attracts commuters to arrive here is the overall charm. Apart from strolling around, there is a beautiful lake where people can enjoy paddle boating for some time. Well, this place is probably occupied by numerous events. 

It's a great place to kick start your trip along with family & friends. 

  1. Visit Camden:

It's a beautiful cultural neighborhood on the north side of the city & witnesses a huge crowd around. Now, flying these spots in London via Avianca airlines offers multiple inflight services & exclusive deals. However, you can also contact Avianca Telefono & get the other trip details. 

Camden has a modernized touch & those who are quite fond of tattoos & piercings can come here. The market area is somehow more awesome & offers multiple cuisines in decorative restaurants. Apart from these, you can also find numerous vendors selling various things. 

You can also go shopping and pay to know about the whole place. 

  1. Giant Ferris wheel:

It is time to visit the giant Ferris wheel in London, also considered a mark of its identity. You might have noticed in various movies that the introduction of the beautiful London city starts with this wheel. 

It has quite a tall height; it's believed that rotating in the Ferris wheel means seeing the whole place from one end. It also knows an eye of the city & the majority of the people love to be here. Moreover, the kids love to be here & enjoy the vacations. 

  1. Shoreditch:

If you want to enjoy the vacation more awesomely, head to Shoreditch. It offers people the hottest nightlife along with amazing bars where you enjoy. The particular area has gone through several kinds of transformations for many years. 

These are probably among the Top 10 Things To Do In London, the main motive is to offer some amazing time to the visitors. It helps them to relax & forget the stressful life for some time. 

Infact, this is the perfect location to enjoy the day & the nighttime as it offers multiple benefits. 

  1. Hampstead:

It is among London's largest parks, which somehow covers about 790 acres of land. Sometimes people want to spend time alone or with the family but in a different place. 

So, this can be provided to be an ideal place for the visitors & get to enjoy some marvelous views. You can sit on the soft grass, listen to music or move around the beautiful pond. 

Several other things make this place worth applause, along with spending time in a refreshed environment. 

  1. Visit BFI:

Well, there is the majority of fans of Hollywood movies across the globe & here you get an opportunity to explore the British Film Institute. The main reason you will like it is to enjoy the blockbuster movies. 

Besides these, there is a library where you can find various things about the films. For those who want to make their carrier in the cinema, it's a must-visit place. 

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  1. Ride the cruise :

There may be no one who doesn't like or have a dream of going for a massive cruise ride. So, grab this amazing opportunity at Thames river. It's the longest river in England & thus offers outstanding views. 

However, no worries if you miss the cruise; they regularly move every 30 minutes. The other benefit is enjoying the live views of several sites, including the Tower Bridge, Parliament houses & much more. You can make yourself comfortable inside & get about multiple services. 

  1. Enjoy at O2:

However, the beautiful arena was built under the dome to celebrate the millennium. It served as a great exhibition center showcasing multiple exhibits during the initial times. Although, the overall views are quite amazing. 

But, today you can enjoy some live music followed by other entertainment. These are among the Top 10 Things To Do In London. On the other side, this place is ideal for hangout with friends. If you want some more adventure, then try to climb to the top area. 

After the sunset, the whole place is well surrounded by the lights, making the entire scene picture-perfect. People can click several pictures & upload them on their social media accounts. 

  1. Chinatown:

Apart from the other things, you can also visit Chinatown in London. There are beautiful Chinese lanterns that attract visitors. On the other side, several restaurants, supermarkets & much more keep you engaged. 

You can head to the bars, where you get the amazing taste of authentic drinks, followed by much more. This area in London always welcomes the tourists differently & makes them feel different from their home. 

On the other side, you can move around the streets & try to know about the whole area and its features. These things make this place worth paying a visit & create some unforgettable memories. 

  1. Piccadilly Circus:

Visiting the circus has been an integral part of life & many of us have been there. Moreover, it's not difficult to arrive at this place as there are squares filled with lights & big screens that guide you to get here. 

Although it's the busiest spot & comprises different theaters, you can enjoy multiple shows. However, these are among the Top 10 Things To Do In London. You can come along with the family & children to have a great time. 

On the other hand, the famous Eros statute is a great center of attraction & attracts the majority of people. Moreover, there are several games along with multiple sources of entertainment. 

  1. Leicester Square:

It's not just s particular location but a place that hosts several movie premiers. However, it's often crowded, the overall surroundings attract the people & tell them about the various features of this place. On the other hand, there are multiple biggest screens in the city.  

While moving around, you can find a beautiful garden at the center of this location. Here, you can go & relax during the high summer heat or take some rest after walking for a long time. 

On the other hand, you can also head to the Prince Charles cinema to enjoy some cult films. 

  1. Unique Galleries:

Although the city of London is known for its marvelous artwork & no less than a paradise for art lovers, here, you’ll find numerous classic galleries and some contemporary artwork. 

The Top 10 Things To Do In London also includes a visit to the city’s National art gallery. This institution has some amazing artifacts representing some parts of the historical era.