Mesh Bag in stock The pyramid tea bag is also known as the triangle-shaped tea bag. It is a sealed tea packaging bag made from a porous, heat-resistant tea bag mesh. It looks like an attention-grabbing little pyramid shape. Compared with traditional tea bags, the tetrahedron-shaped construction ensures reliable and stable storage. The pyramid mesh tea bag contains the right amount of loose-leaf tea that can be dipped into boiling water. When brewing, the tea leaves could remain relatively intact in the tea bag, rather than being crushed. The aesthetic appearance and good brewing experience make triangle tea bags popular among tea lovers. Pyramid tea bags are easy to carry and brew, which makes them easier for retailers to transport and sell. This is especially true for single-serve tea products, such as green tea, scented tea, loose-leaf tea, tea blends, herbal tea, etc. What are pyramid tea bags made of? Tea Bag Material Nylon, PLA corn fabric, non-woven fabric film, with 锛?5-110um) thickness. The tea bag mesh can be heat-sealed and ultrasonic-sealed. Porous mesh film with a visible appearance, you can observe the tea leaves inside the pyramid tea bag. Optional Design Naked Triangular teabag. Triangular teabag with string & tag. Triangular teabag with string & tag (with envelope). Pyramid tea bag material roll for auto packing The tea bag fabric includes PLA, nylon, and non-woven fabrics. At our company, we have pyramid tea bag mesh rolls that come with or without string. Plus, if you need them, we also offer labels. NameEmpty Heat Sealing Nylon Pyramid Tea Filter Bags for Loose tea Feature:Heat resitant, Non toxic and odorless Size:7*5.8cm/8*6.5cm, corresponding to filter width 140mm/160mm. LOGO/LABEL2*2cm, 2.5*2.5cm, Single-side Printing, Dual-side Print, Free Customized Printing Packing:CartonMesh Bag in stock website: