When your first comment to my article said from Xiamu's blog

They are scared to come in here because then they may see what hardcore gamers of the game really consider it. Mut 21 Coins programmers and neighborhood supervisors go in their sub. Their principal mod includes a weekly thread where players may submit issues and receive feedback. It contributes to 105,000 people crying into the void because EA does not care enough, and there is nothing like that here as of point A and therefore are currently penciling them as day 1 buy or a pre-order.

I didn't write this post for EA devs to give feedback, I did this to have a discussion with members of the community on overhauling Madden organizes positions. I was being tongue in cheek with my reference to sending a pitch to EA that's the reason why I put"who understands" afterwards. Now I've given up on EA actually innovating any aspect of CFM. I don't think anybody in this sub would disagree* with the articles you've made regarding overhauling franchise. What are the chances any of those things actually alter in Madden 21?

How can you say"I do not think anyone in this sub would agree with all the posts you've made concerning overhauling franchise." When your first comment to my article said"I do appreciate the time and effort that you put into this, and that I agree with everything you wrote" I have also got a few remarks in my articles that were past. Again, I'm not writing these posts in hopes EA execute and will see them. I had these ideas in my head and I wanted to share them here, in hopes other CFM fans may have ideas to talks or share about the subject. Are you being a debbie downer?

That is literally Madden 21 works already. I must have did a bad job of explaining it. Make them features like throwing or speed electricity. Say you've got a 80 overall MLB, right now he could be changed to his ratings with change to RLB, LLB, RE, LE, DT, As well as SS. With this particular system is will limit the positional changes you can do to a player as his overall will be dramatically affected because he'll probably be out of standing (that standing using a low point value). Conversely you could find diamonds in the rough that can switch positions and be greater.

This will help with roster construction based on strategy and not simply find the participant in and play even despite them being out of position Should you employ the correct positions. It also potentially creates game planning which you are able to hunt for flaws in their group and attempt to exploit them.I wonder how often until that Buy Madden NFL 21 Coins activates, you have to call a drama. "Defenders with this capability will have full vision of plays with the crime has previously run at least 3 times, via coach cam." I wonder whether it reveals the inventory play and following you paths it didnt show. Or are they able to observe? It's not. The plays that people spam are meta YouTube plays you can also find out how to stop YouTube. The problem like with stretch this season is that the fucking animations and players won't do what they're supposed to.

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By Xiamu
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