Few of my friends asked me to provide homework help and babysitting to their children, I really enjoyed doing it because my friends were very thankful to enjoy their time with their partners even if its just to watch a movie or going out of town for weekend while I took care of their children. One of them advised me why not you start doing it for everyone else then I researched and few years back found out of childcare services, that's how I started doing it and since then I love it. To ensure great quality I prefer to keep no more than 7 kids with my helper who also helps me in children's homework and drawing basic shapes, writing for the kids who do not go to school.  Daycare Services Near Me

At Wonderful Kids Daycare we focus healthy food, physical activities and communication skills keeping minimum number of children and ensuring quality care. We provide weekend childcare as well as weekdays. We also can arrange pick up and drop facility.

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