"There's a wolf nearby who's been having a good fight with us," Mr. Smallwood said, his face flushed. Maybe they're working together. I didn't see a wolf. I saw a dog. Maybe it was a dog that escaped the quarantine. But what does that have to do with it? In my professional opinion, I'm going to tell you that you're talking to the wrong person. The men were wavering, but there was still doubt on their faces. And Meredith has spoken. I think you should know that this town has been attacked by vampires before. She said, "Long before Stefan came.". My grandfather was a victim. Some of you may have heard of that. She looked across the crowd to Caroline. This is the end of the matter. Elena could see the men exchange uneasy glances and retreat to their cars. Suddenly everyone seemed eager to go somewhere else. Mr. Smallwood was the only one left, saying, "You said we'd talk about this tomorrow, Saltzman.". Next time my son is hypnotized, I want to hear what he has to say. Caroline's father hurried into the car with her, muttering something about how everything was a mistake and no one took it seriously. As soon as the last car pulled away, Elena ran over to Stefan. Are you all right? Did they hurt you? He moved away from his arm,mineral flotation, which a1aric was holding. Someone knocked me out from behind while I was talking to Caroline. I'll be fine — now, "he glanced at Alaric," thank you. But why? "He's on our side." And Bonnie joined in the conversation. I told you. Oh, Stefan, are you sure you're okay? I thought I almost fainted just now. They're not serious. I mean,gold shaking table, they can't be serious.. "Seriously or not, I don't think we should stay here any longer." Said Meredith, "does Stefan really need to go to the hospital?" "No." Said Stefan, as Elena nervously examined the wound on his head. I just need a break. Find a place where you can sit. I have the key. Let's go to the history classroom. Said Alaric. In some horror, Bonnie looked around at the shadows. "Is that wolf going, too?" Then she saw a dark figure come out and turn into Damon, and she jumped up. What wolf? He said. The Stefan turned his head slightly and stepped back slightly. Thank you, too. Said Stefan without emotion. But when he looked at his brother, there was a look of confusion in his eyes. Everyone walked towards the teaching building together. In the hallway, chrome washing machine ,gold CIP machine, Elena pulled him aside. "Stefan, why didn't you notice them approaching you from behind?"? Why is it so weak? Shaking her head perfunctorily, Stefan added, "When was the last time you hunted?"? When, Stefan? You always make excuses when I'm here. What the hell are you doing to yourself? "I'm fine." He said, "Really, Elena.". I'll be there later. "You promise?" "I promise." What Elena didn't realize at the time was that they didn't bother with the word "later.". She let him walk her down the hall. The history classroom at night is completely different in Elena's eyes. There was a strange atmosphere all around, as if the lights were too bright. The desks were removed and five chairs were placed in front of Alaric's desk. "Alaric, who had just arranged all this, urged Stefan to sit in his own cushioned chair." All right, everybody sit down. They just look at him. Moments later, Bonnie sinks herself into a chair, but Elena is standing next to Stefan, while Damon merely paces between the chair and the classroom door. Ms. Meredith pushed a few sheets of paper into the middle of Alaric's desk and sat down in a corner. The teacher's expression disappeared from Alaric's eyes. Fine He said and sat down in a student chair. well.” "Well." Elena. ". Everyone looked at each other. "Elena took a piece of cotton from the first aid kit she grabbed at the door and began to stop Stefan's head bleeding." I think it's time to explain everything. She said. Yes. Yes. Well, you all seem to have guessed that I'm not really a history teacher.. "I'll know in the first five minutes." Said Stefan. His voice was quiet and dangerous, and Elena realized with surprise that it reminded her of Damon. So, what are you? In an apologetic gesture, Alaric said, almost sheepishly, "psychologist.". "But not on the sofa," he added hastily, seeing the exchange of glances. I'm a researcher, an experimental psychologist. From Duke University, you know, the one that started the esp experiment. "The place where people guess cards?" Asked Bonnie. Yeah, well, that's not all, of course. It's not that I don't want to test you with rhinecards, especially when you're doing that kind of channeling. There was a hint of scientist-like curiosity on Alaric's face. Then he cleared his throat and continued, "But-ah-that's what I just said.". Here's how it started: a few years ago I was writing a paper on spirituality. I didn't intend to prove the existence of supernatural abilities,gold cil machine, but only to study the psychological effects of these abilities on those who have them. For example, Bonnie is an example. "What was the emotional and psychological impact of having to deal with the supernatural?" Alaric said, taking on the speaker's tone. 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com