Sure enough, a gust of wind gently swung, Feng Xie's fingertips moved, tapped the back of Liu Liu's hand, two people jumped up steeply, one after the other to keep up with the silver-haired man in red enchanting, under the night, Liu Liu Qingyan's cold sound sounded. Hua Wuyou, or let go, don't fight, "at this time she has not known what to say, even if he gave up revenge, he is really able to forgive him, more than 20 women were captured overnight, which caused much harm to Fengyue City.". When the wind blew, the red cloak rolled up half a day high, covering his face. The silver thread danced wildly. His brother rotated quickly, forming a red circle of light. What came out of the circle was Zhang Yang's sharp laughter. As soon as the harsh laughter fell into Liu Liu's ears, his mind was shocked. He looked at the man coldly and shouted angrily. Bold, who are you? As soon as the words came out, Feng Xie knew that he was not Hua Wuyou, so who was he? Feng Xie's inward cold was released, forming a powerful cold flu, the internal force congealed,Amber Dropper Bottles, the transport capacity to the palm, a group of light condensed in the palm, like a silvery silver ball, a hand with a domineering and fierce attack to the fiery red figure, the red figure quickly let come over, but it was a pity that he was hit by the silver ball. The figure of the red body was hit ten feet away, in midair flying a few times, fell to the ground, Liu Liu's soft sword has shot a flash against the figure on the ground,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, looking at the past coldly. The man in red turned out to be a woman, the veil on his face was shot down, revealing a ferocious and terrible face, was the woman in white who was looking for Liu Liu to negotiate that day. Unexpectedly, she became a substitute for Hua Wuyou. Tonight, Hua Wuyou didn't come to the county government office, so he might have another move. Liu Liu's heart trembled lightly. Did the man want to attack the people of the whole city? The soft sword had pressed a bloodstain on the neck of the substitute woman. Say, where is Hua Wuyou? What's he doing tonight? Feng Xie dodged and fell to Liu Liu's side. He was deliberately angry and cold. Without waiting for Liu Liu to move, he pinched the woman's neck with five fingers like hooks. He ordered violently: "Say, what will Hua Wuyou do next? Say it and spare your death." "Spare me a death." The woman in red looked at Feng Xie contemptuously, as if she was extremely disdainful of his words. So what if she died? Her life was not hers long ago. She was just a tool of the devil master. The woman in red opened her eyes angrily, her eyes were broken, her lips were bleeding, and her seven orifices were bleeding at the same time. She looked very terrible. Feng Xie loosened his big hand and stared at him coldly, holding back a bad feeling in his heart, because he was naturally a neat freak, and when he saw these unclean things, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, he felt sick. Liu Liu knew that he was uncomfortable and only raised his eyebrows lightly: "It's all right." Feng Xie's attention was immediately drawn by her. Was she concerned about him? With a touch of ecstasy in his heart, he looked at the people around him, but with a mask on his face, he did not even move his lips, and his whole body glanced around him. He didn't come to the county government today. I don't know what he wants to do. "Could he have poisoned it?" Feng Xie formed a vague consciousness in his wise mind. Did he want to poison it? Everything in front of this is an illusion, the people's line of sight to this above, and then he poisoned in the eyes of the spring, this poisonous sweat is too Yin ruthless, Liu Liu listened to Feng Xie's words, the moment the heart is as cold as frost, if Hua Wuyou really so lost people's hearts, they will certainly kill him, this is too inhuman, how can he do such a thing? Two people felt the seriousness of the situation at the same time, at this time the war cloud and the shadow of the sun and the shadow of the moon rushed over, has killed the fake man, several people listened to Liu Liu's words, at the moment are panic, Feng Xie looked up at the sky, this time is the third watch, all people immediately split up, the big spring together with the small well with internal force all solidified, Be sure to seal the well before dawn. All families are not allowed to eat the well water and wait for the antidote formula. The shadow of the sun and the shadow of the moon seal all the wells in Nancheng. Nangongyue and Zhan Yunfeng are at the well platform of Beicheng. ” "The emperor and your men sealed the well platform in Dongcheng." "Dai Mei and I sealed the well platform in the west city, and everyone acted immediately. We must not let the well water flow into the people's homes." "Yes," they nodded at the same time and immediately split up. Feng Xie was worried about Liu Liu and still followed her. Liu Liu stopped and stared at her with displeasure: "Now there are not enough people. You can go to seal the well when you are free. This is your people. What are you doing with me?" Feng Xie Zheng, willing to accept the blame of Liu, at this time she devoted herself to the rescue of the people of Fengyue City, although he was worried about her, but there are bigger things to do, how can love? Nod immediately: "You be careful," dodged away from Liu's side, Liu looked at his figure in the night, did not expect him to be different now and before. But now there is no time to think. Dai Mei, let's go. "Liu Liu's figure flashed quickly, and Dai Mei followed closely behind the son to the West City.". There are more than one hundred and thirty small wells in Fengyue City. This is the result of previous statistics. The wells are built according to the direction, so it is easy for them to find them. They are solidified with internal force before dawn. They also send a special person to guard them. There should be no accident. They meet together and breathe a sigh of relief. It was dawn, but something happened. Fengyue city all the high door big family all poisoned, because these people have private small well, did not expect the flower without you in the outside of the big well poison, but sent someone in the private small well poison, at this time the phoenix evil all over the body of the killing machine, like blood enveloped his whole body, his eyebrows like a sword, eyes like a ghost fire, like the hell Shura Xiao kill, Turn around and look at the shadow of the sun next to you. Sweep away all the properties of the Demon Palace at once, quickly and ruthlessly. "Yes," the shadow of the sun, immediately went out to send the letter to the county office, all the properties on the list were sealed up, none of them left, fast, be sure to finish in a day,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, those men were ordered, did not dare to neglect, fly on horseback to deal with this matter.