Website design has evolved and continues to do so. In this evolution, one thing remains common, committing mistakes. These mistakes may stop you from going par beyond such as affecting SEO ranking, website speed and performance, degrading customer experience, and many more. 

To help you get over mistakes, today the Website designing company in delhi is here notifying the 7 common mistakes that you should avoid while designing a website. 

  1. Lacking in Call-To-Action (CTA): 

CTAs are very important to push the prospect forward and generate leads. Using the right and strong CTAs with positioning them in necessary places will help the audience navigate easily on your website. This will also assist you in achieving the desired results. 

‘What to do, how to feel, and where to go’ are the three signs a great website design tells. Thus, keep your CTAs short and appropriate, use strong and action words, and place the CTAs strategically wherever it’s necessary. 

  1. Lacking in content & delivering the brand message: 

Every brand has customer promises, every brand conveys a message, and every brand tells a story. And your web copy should reflect them. The copy should be strong, confident, and friendly. This tone will help you engage the audience and connect with your brand. 

Strong headlines, supporting sub-headlines, and short body copy are the key aspects of a compelling web copy structure. However, composing them with the right keywords (short-tail and long-tail keywords), which have performed well in your industry will help you technically. 

Using keywords appropriately in the copy will help you improve your SEO ranking and get traffic for your website. 

Thus, focus on developing a copy that delivers the brand message with the right keywords and appropriate CTAs in them. 

  1. Not measuring website performance: 

Measuring website performance is crucial, it helps you understand how your visitors are interacting with the website, and how it’s helping the business to grow. By analyzing the data, you can improve your website and enhance the customer experience. 

Analytics is a technical aspect of the website, which might not be understandable by everyone. For this, you may be a required knowledgeable and expert team. However, if you are running a small website, then basic knowledge could work. 

As a website design company in Delhi, we suggest you begin with free tools before jumping into paid tools if you don’t have a team or expert person to look into. Google Analytics is one of the free tools, which you can use to explore more about analytics and data. 

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