In the "Prince Su Mansion", in a place where there was no light, three figures appeared, gently, tiptoeing. Then, these three figures were looking for a place where there was no light. They walked around the corner of the house, beside the wall, along the corridor, among the flower beds, and behind the trees. After a while, they reached the backyard. A figure quickened its pace and was about to open the back door first. Suddenly, a cold woman's voice came over: "Ji Ming!" " The voice was so sharp that it cut through the silence of the night, which was really frightening. The three figures were really startled, especially the one who went to open the back door first. They were so frightened that they shivered, stopped and looked back. When the voice came, there was a flash of light. The light came on. Miss Jia stood up coldly, carrying a lantern. The light illuminated the three figures, which were Cui Gege, Ji Ming and Ji Liang. Of course, Ji Ming was standing by the back door. Cui Gege and Ji Ming, Ji Liang,Serum Bottle With Dropper, three people are a light dress. Ji Ming and Ji Liang were obviously still in shock. With an embarrassed smile on their faces, they bowed and shouted in unison, "Miss Jia." "It's so late," said Miss Jia indifferently. "Where is Gege going?" Without looking at Miss Jia, Cui Gege said coldly, "Of course I want to go out." "" Then I didn't make a mistake, "said Miss Jia. "What do you mean?" Asked Cui. "You" has become "you". Miss Jia didn't care. "I'll know as soon as Gege leaves the room," she said. "Then why didn't you stop me?" Asked Cui Gege. "Before I'm sure Gege is going out,30ml dropper bottle, I dare not stop her," said Miss Jia: "Lest I be ignored and make Gege lose his temper." "Do you think I won't lose my temper if you're right now?" Said Cui Gege. "Of course," said Miss Jia. "I'll show you my temper," said Cui Gege. "Ji Ming, open the door." Ji Ming hesitated to promise, but did not move. "Ji Ming," said Miss Jia coldly, "if you dare to open the door, I'll chop off your hand. I still have the right to do that in Prince Su's Mansion." That's true. She really has the right. Ji Ming was too frightened to move. Cui Gege said angrily, "Ji Ming, do you listen to me or her?"? I can't cut off your hand? I can still have your head! Ji Ming was in trouble. With a bitter face, he said, "Gege.." Cui Gege ran over and pushed her away. "Ji Ming, go away. I'll do it myself. Do you dare to cut off my hand?" She reached out to open the door. There was a gentle breeze, Glass Cream Jars ,oil dropper bottle, and the lantern was in the sky. Miss Jia was already near. She stretched out a jade hand and put it on Cui Gege's wrist. Miss Jia is good at cultivation and skillful. Cui Gege was obviously not bad either. She sank her wrist and dodged Miss Jia's jade hand. She turned over her wrist and was about to grab Miss Jia. Miss Jia's phoenix eyes flashed two sharp rays. "Cui Gege!" She said in a deep voice. After all, Miss Jia has her awesome power, which comes from her mother's nurturing and loving kindness. Cui Gege grabbed her and lowered her wrist. She said, "Miss Jia, what on earth do you mean?" "I mean well," said Miss Jia. "For the sake of Gege, for the sake of Wangfu, Gege is brought up by me, Wangfu is my home, I will die, I can't let Gege and Wangfu suffer any harm." Cui Gege held back her anger. "Miss Jia," she said, "no one has hurt me. No one has hurt Prince Su's mansion." Miss Jia said, "If Gege associates with people of unknown origin who are not suitable, she will hurt herself and the'Prince Su's Mansion '." Cui Gege still couldn't help it: "In my opinion, outsiders won't hurt Prince Su's Mansion. Those who want to hurt Prince Su's Mansion are probably our own people." Anyone who heard such a sentence would ask a clear question. Miss Jia was no exception. Under the light of the lamp, her face showed a different color: "What does Gege mean by this?"? Who in'Prince Su's Mansion 'wants to hurt'Prince Su's Mansion'? Cui Gege said that sentence, a little regret, but has been unable to take back, she simply said: "Miss Jia, I ask you, did you touch my Ama's' Four Treasures Studio Notes' '?"? " After all, young, after all, calm, how can you ask. The different color on Miss Jia's face added three points: "Sibaozhai Notes. Why does Gege ask that? What does she mean?" "Don't worry so much," said Cui Gege. "Just tell me if you've moved." "Why did I do that?" Asked Miss Jia. "No." "Really?" Said Cui Ge. "Of course not," said Miss Jia. "If you move it, you move it. If you don't move it, you don't move it. It's not a big deal to move Wang Yeh's Sibaozhai Note. Why don't I dare to admit it?" This is also true, with her identity, moved Su Wang Ye "Four Treasures Zhai Note", even if used, as long as it is not evil, it is really no big deal. Cui Gege said, "I have asked all the people who can go in and out of my Ama's study, but they haven't moved." Miss Jia said, "Gege has asked all the people who can get in and out of Wang Yeh's study. Wang Yeh, Yu Beile, and Ji Hong are not in the house. Who has Gege asked?" "It's because they haven't been in the mansion for many days," said Cui Gege. "Even if they are all in the mansion, they won't give the notes of the Four Treasures Studio to outsiders." Miss Jia was stunned. "To an outsider? Who did you give it to? Is it the man who came to look for Gege?" Where are you talking about? Do you really not know, or do you pretend to be confused? If she pretends to be confused, she can really talk nonsense. Cui Gege said, "No, it has nothing to do with him. He is such a person. How can he be related to such a thing?" Miss Jia's eyes suddenly froze. "He's such a man. If he's really like what he said, he just came to Beijing. Come and see Gege. How did he get into the inner city? Gege,cosmetic packaging wholesale, what's the matter? You have to tell me the truth." It seems that Miss Jia doesn't know. Of course, with her experience and experience, she may also be good at both singing and acting.