Heaven and earth have changed, the Ji family has a living fossil in the first time to cut the success, but can not be compared with the ancient people, they were sealed in the divine source, is from the ancient survival, many people. Once upon a time, the immortal emperor had eight divine generals, and now these eight people belong to the prince of heaven, which is a very important force. In this mining area, the Ji family has retreated dozens of miles, but the people of the Prince of Heaven still often cross the border, across hundreds of miles of mining, it can be said to bully people too much. Today, a piece of jade essence was dug out from an ancient mine in the Ji family. Although it was not big, it was extremely precious. It was learned by the people of the Prince of Heaven. They crossed the border and robbed it unscrupulously, leaving a corpse. Ji yuande's face was livid and his knuckles were pinched white, but after all, he held back and did not make a move. On the opposite side, the ancient people were even more unscrupulous and burst out laughing. One of them said, "Are you the uncle of Ya Haoyue?"? But that's all. "You have gone too far!" A pair of young men and women appeared in front of the ancient mine. They were Ji yuande's own sons and daughters. Seeing their father humiliated, they were all emotional and wanted to rush to the first World War. A group of ancient clans on the opposite side sneered again and again, and the leader even sneered: "Are you the cousins of Ji Haoyue? You really can't. It's far from enough." "You.." The young brother and sister trembled with anger and could not swallow it, but they were not very old and their cultivation was not very profound. You two still want to make a move. Well, we won't bully you. Let the most useless disciple fight with you. The leader sneered with a look of great contempt. The two young men strode forward,Glass Cosmestic Containers, both clenching their fists. They dared not be so scorned as to be ashamed of the name of their ancestors. When the Emperor of the Void was alive, he was respected all over the world and admired all over the world. With the dark turmoil and the gods outside the war domain, he made great and immortal military exploits for the human race. Who doesn't admire him. Now, they have fallen into such a situation and been humiliated so much that they can't bear it. If you are not convinced, come here and let me see what is the difference between the so-called descendants of the Terran Emperor? An ancient clansman came forward and laughed. Brother and sister two people ignore father's call, unbearable, finally set foot on the front, will make a move. You come back here! Ji yuande shouted angrily. He didn't want his two children to ask for trouble. The people on the opposite side were all people who had lived in the divine source since ancient times. "Pow" In the distance, the powerful ancient clan sneered and waved their hands. Although the brother and sister obeyed their father's orders and backed up,Blue Bottle Serum, there were several palm prints on their faces, which were crisp and harsh. Everyone was shocked, in the past, even if the ancient people provoked, will not really start on the Ji family lineal blood, today this is to trigger the Ji family war? Ji Haoyue's own uncle, Ji yuande, was furious. His eyes were full of cold light. He strode forward and said, "Since ancient times, no one has dared to insult my family like this!" "Is the Ji family great? Isn't there just a Ji Void? I don't think it's worthy of its name. It's far worse than the ancient emperor!" On the opposite side, a man moved his elm and laughed. At that moment, a black light flashed in the sky, and a dark gold spear stabbed the raving ancient clan to the ground, with blood splashing everywhere. The Terran Emperor is not something you clowns can humiliate! Chapter 1039 pick over the sky. The pike of a black s sè nailed the ancient clan to the ground, and the barrel of the dark gold s sè Ze was trembling, and the blood overflowed, which made people feel cold. In the sky, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, a great and rapid descent, stepping down, with a strong wind, let the red sè mine fly sand and stones, hurricane. Who doesn't want to live and dare to run wild in the forbidden place of the gods? These people all respect the immortal emperor as a God, as the descendants of the eight gods. It is a human race, you really eat the courage of God, dare to make a move in my clan mining area, want you to sacrifice this land with your blood! On weekdays, they are used to being superior, and most of the human race have to endure them. They have always stirred up trouble, and they have never been attacked by people on their own initiative. More than a dozen people in the front, with cold eyes and ancient soldiers in their hands, were facing the sky together, trying to pierce the people who had fallen down and water the mining area with blood. "Qiang" In a flash of light and shadow, Ye Fan landed and swept right, grinding a row of weapons into iron slag like a grinding plate, and then he crossed in the air, incredibly fast, stepping from one person's head to another's head. He fell in the distance, and his clothes were not stained with dust. Poof! Behind him, more than a dozen people's eyes were wide open, their faces were full of panic, and then their skulls all rushed up, more than a dozen blood waves rushed out several meters high, and then more than ten bodies fell to the ground. In the rear, the pupils of the most powerful people suddenly contracted, and they felt a terrible breath, and they could not help but pour out hundreds of feet away. Terran emperor, the four seas respect, the world looks up to, all families worship together, you dare to humiliate like this, do not know whether to live or die, today one also does not want to go! Ye Fan's voice was extremely cold. In the rear, Ji yuande's eyes were bright, and his two children were trembling. Just now they were suffocating to the extreme. The palm prints on their faces were red, like a birthmark of blood. They felt ashamed of Zuming. At this time, the young brother and sister all clenched their fists, their bodies almost convulsed, as if they were on the scene, as if they were killing the ancient people who had humiliated the Emperor of the Void. Who are you Several ancient clans on the opposite side asked, "Their God's sè is very ugly, they have been provoking for so many years, and this has never happened today." Boom. Strands of road marks appeared, the void twisted, like a sky drum in the beating, roaring, a big hand out, to the middle of the beater to grab. Just now, it was the ancient clan who waved his arm and slapped the young brother and sister in the face, leaving a blood-red palm print. Ye Fan won't let go and wants to catch him. How dare you The ancient master is furious, in this realm,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, although it is sealed from the ancient years to the present, but the real body is still in the prime of life, has always been unruly. penghuangbottle.com