He traveled thousands of miles from Fengwu Villa to Xianyang and experienced a narrow escape from death. What he dreamed of was this picture of climbing the dragon, which symbolized power and wealth. He was supposed to be ecstatic, but somehow, at this moment, his heart was so heavy that he had a very dull feeling. He knew what kind of psychology it was, and it was because he knew it in his heart that he felt terrible. He only felt like a small boat struggling in the bitter sea, struggling desperately, but never knowing where his other shore would be. Han Xin's reaction was obviously beyond the expectation of Ji Kongshou, but he regarded the accident as a sign of his old friend's joy. "With it, what are you afraid of?" He said? As long as we take this step, the world is ours! Are you really so confident? Han Xin seemed to be a little less confident to ask. Princes will, rather have seed? What a heroic sentence it is! Chen Shengwang not only said so, but also did it. Isn't he our role model? Ji Kongshou's eyes were firm, as if he saw the hope of the future. But he finally failed, even his life is no longer, is this a kind of providence? Was he destined to fail? Han Xin's eyes are floating, looking at the deep sky, as if to read the words written by heaven. I never believe in fate, only the loser, the fate of failure will be attributed to God's will; and I only believe in myself, as long as the very efforts, God's will will change because of me! Ji Kongshou said loudly, there is a heroic spirit in the words, but also the king of the world's domineering. Han Xin was silent, just lead the horse slowly. By this time, the sky was already bright, and their party had already set foot on the street paved with bluestones on Dawangzhuang. There are few pedestrians on the street,30ml Dropper Bottle, but most of the shops along the street are open. People who want to support their families seem to be used to the busyness of getting up early and going to bed late. Everything is full of the customs of Guanzhong Town. In this small town, it is rare to see such a large group of people passing by early in the morning (bbs.sept5.com September Forum), so Ji Kongshou and his party quickly attracted the attention of everyone in the town. This is not a long street, the end of the street, is a fork in the road, Ji empty-handed seems to be waiting for Han Xin's decision. Mr. Wuyin saw all this in his eyes, and when he saw the high-spirited Ji Kongshou, he seemed to think of his passionate youth again. At that time, he was riding in Jianghu, loyal and chivalrous. He was so ambitious that he still felt blood boiling when he thought about it. So he kept silent all the time and let these young people decide their own destiny. There is still a long way to go. It's worth your consideration. I won't bother you. Take the first step and wait for you two at the intersection ahead. Mr. Wuyin said a very philosophical sentence, leaving them to think slowly. With a wave of his big hand, he took all the people in the bosom friend pavilion to go first. Ji Kongshou looked at him gratefully, and it was rare for him to be so considerate of himself, glass cream jars ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, which made him feel sincerely grateful for the free and easy performance of Mr. Wuyin. Once he chose to conquer the world with Han Xin, then he is sorry for the person is beauty, at least he can no longer get along with her day and night as he imagined. One side is tenderness, one side is iron blood, between tenderness and iron blood, anyone will hesitate. But Han Xin seems to be more difficult to make a decision than he, so silently walked through the street, but never looked at the empty hand again. When Ji Kongshou looked at him, his eyes were locked on a wine flag in the street with the words "Ask Tianlou" written on it. Could this be an interesting coincidence? Ji Kongshou felt that the atmosphere was too dull, so when he saw the sign, he could not help smiling. Han Xin's face changed and he turned to look at Ji Kongshou. When he found out that the latter was just joking, he forced a smile and said, "Since you think it's interesting, we might as well go in." "Well, for our brothers to join hands, go to drink three cups to celebrate!" Ji Kong took Han Xin's hand and strode into Wentianlou. This is a small wine shop, and it also sells some snacks. There were only four or five tables in the shop, and five or six people were sitting sparsely. When Ji went in empty-handed, the thirty-six riders of the moon and the kamikaze party only stopped at the corner of the street in the distance to avoid people's eyes and ears. Although there were only five or six people in the shop, there was only one empty table left, which was right in the middle of the tables. In addition to a clerk in the shop, there is an old man who looks like a boss with his back to the door of the shop, who is busy all the time. Ji Kongshou did not pay attention to these very ordinary little things, he put all his attention on Han Xin, always feel that the immediate Han Xin is not like the original life and death of Han Xin, more let him have a strange feeling. Calling in two dishes of side dishes and a pot of cold wine, Ji Kongshou remembered the past again and said with a slight smile, "Do you still remember the first time we drank?"? At that time, in the restaurant of Fengwuji, in order to escape, we looked so embarrassed. "Remember, now think about it, like yesterday, how can I forget?" Han Xin smiled warmly, poured wine, and the two of them drank a cup. I haven't seen you for a year, and you and I are no longer choking on alcohol. Does this prove that we are no longer the two ignorant teenagers, but the real mature men? Ji empty-handed put down his glass and poured the wine for the two men again. I don't know if I have changed a lot, but I know that you have changed, and I can hardly believe that you are the empty-handed one who cheated for dozens of silver a year ago. Looking back on last night's World War I, you talked and laughed calmly. In the face of emperors and powerful people, you were able to deal with them calmly and play with them in the palm of your hand. Who can compare with such heroic spirit? Han Xin's eyes sincerely show a sense of admiration. In his heart, Ji Kongshou is like a mountain, which makes him feel breathless. This is not because I am good,Oil Dropper Bottle, but compared with them, I have a few more friends who can treat each other with all sincerity, which is the factor of our ultimate success. 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