Nan night is eating Gordon Euryale cake, in the experience of the delicious tongue beating, as for what the smoker said in the side, simply did not listen. Replied at random: "Yes, the Gordon Euryale cake you made is very delicious!" He decided to go straight to the point, so he leaned over and asked, "How are you thinking?" "How about what?" Not letting go of the last bit of Gordon Euryale cake on his hand, Nan Ye smacked his mouth and asked in puzzlement. Consider me your boyfriend! The smoker laughed vividly, and the earring on the left was shining. After listening to his words, Nan Ye felt that his heart was a little out of her control, male sex ah! Smoker is really ever-changing, so a smile, but also let her have a different feeling. A smile, a word, let her heart "thump thump" to beat wildly, the mood suddenly confused. What to do? She looked at the sparkle in his ear, thought for a moment, held out her hand,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, pointed to the earring on his ear and said, "If you can make another one exactly like it, I'll think about it!" "Why?"? Saya! The smoker looked at her a little incredulously. Haha, because I can't make you look more handsome than me! Smiling, she threw the last crumb of pastry into the river, attracting many small fish to peck at it. Suddenly there was a pain in the ear. "What are you doing?" Nan Ye was startled and could not help shouting out. Saya, don't move! The smoker leaned close to her and whispered. Smoker,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, you don't have to abuse me if you can't make earrings! Nan Ye pinched the place where he had been ravaged and said. Eh? Smoker, you. What did she touch? A hard, small object was on her ear, and then look at the smoker, the earring was missing. Smoker touched her head, hugged her and said, "Saya, what else do you have to say?". You can't escape! Nan night do not know how to describe the feeling now, so unconsciously by the smoke ghost plot. But the heart is clearly so happy. Wow Suddenly there was a burst of cheers and a flash of fluorescence behind him. Everyone was already standing behind them. Nan Ye pushed the smoker away with some embarrassment. I wanted to run away alone, but I was caught by his gentle and strong hand. Walking back to the meeting place, the fox was still painting under the tree nearby. Apart from the nearly finished work on the easel, the fox's painting posture has not changed much. Nan Ye really wondered if the fox really had any magic power. But to tell you the truth, Heme Iron Polypeptide ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, this guy really has perseverance when it comes to painting. That one I'll call the fox. "She quickly dodged the group and ran towards the fox.". The fox was concentrating on drawing. Nan Ye went over and patted him on the shoulder. "Fox, you've been drawing for so long. How can you still hold on?"! Come on, take a break and go to dinner. She wanted to take her by surprise, but the fox didn't even shake his hand. It was a failure. The fox raised his head with a smile and looked at her. His smile became deeper and deeper. "Xiao Nan, what were you eating just now? It was all over your face!" "Ah!"! Really? Where? Where is it? She rubbed her hand against her mouth. Here it is! The fox reached out and gently slid his hand across her cheek. Thank you! Fox, let's go to the teahouse to have a rest and get ready for dinner. The fox's hand rested on her face. And slowly took it back. After listening to her words, he began to pick up his painting tools silently and put them in his bag. During the meal, everyone gathered around the smoker, saying that he had come to Xitang this time. This dinner is his treat. The monster, with his hands in his pocket, leaned aside and watched coldly, neither objecting nor disapproving. See the side of the Nan night, gently walked up to her in front of her, looking at her deeply. There are many things that people can't understand on his cold face, and there seems to be a trace of pain in his eyes. Before Nan could understand the monster, the group of people surrounded her with the smoker. Smoker laughed exultantly: "Brothers, should be, should be!"! Let's go ahead and make yourself at home! How interesting Looking at them you a word I a word, Nan night can not help but wonder if today is not premeditated? Turning his face, he found that the fox had disappeared. Looking around, I found him leaning against the window and enjoying the night outside. Do you know all these? At the end of the May Day holiday, Nan Ye was tired and overslept because she went out to play. It was evening when she returned to school that day. Strangely, apples, plums and cherries were all there in the dormitory. As soon as he saw her, he was like a fly seeing blood and gathered around her one by one. Cherry simply threw herself on her and made her stagger. Pumpkin, you're back! Is Xitang interesting? My sister misses you so much! Give me a kiss! Then he pouted his mouth and kissed him, scaring Nan Ye to quickly turn his head. "Ouch!" Cherry looked at her with some frustration, and her eyes were so sad that she could have killed an elephant. The sharp-eyed plum, as if he had discovered a new continent, suddenly shouted, "Earrings!"! Smoker's earring! Pumpkin, you can't escape this time! Ha ha ha ha! Sister Apple smirked, and the three of them attacked each other. Resistance is ineffective, handsome men have no status in front of beautiful women, Nan night was suddenly suppressed by three beautiful women. That night, the sisters in the dormitory said that they invited Nan Ye to drink to celebrate her farewell to her single life. Apple Sister took the three of them to a small restaurant nearby. Although the decoration here is simple, it is very neat and warm. How time flies! In a twinkling of an eye, we are going to be juniors, and freshmen are now becoming veterans. All right, let's not talk about that. Today we're going to celebrate that the handsome and lovely pumpkin finally has a famous melon. Let's have a toast! Sister Apple said with some emotion. The pumpkin is really going to be picked by the smoker, and I'm really reluctant to part with it! Cherry drank the wine in the glass and deliberately leaned on her and said. In the future,S Adenosyl Methionine, it will be difficult for me to find handsome and free labor like pumpkin. Li Zi drank a big mouthful of beer and put the glass on the table. He looked at Nan Ye and sighed: "From now on, the pumpkin is no longer the pumpkin, and the smoker is no longer the smoker.." 。