Crypto Investment Literacy: Consumer Findings, Frameworks and Safety Checklist

As the crypto space continues to grow, crypto literacy becomes increasingly important for crypto investors to navigate the space safely and securely. Bybit sees the necessity to develop the industry's first crypto literacy framework, which dives deep into the user journey of retail investors. Bybit Promotion

Crypto literacy refers to investors’ awareness and knowledge of the crypto space throughout their crypto investment process. The current bear market might be a first, but it is certainly not the last. For the less investment-savvy retail investors, the speed and unexpected magnitude of recent price drawdowns might have caught them off guard. This reveals the need and importance of crypto investment literacy and how it could help investors manage their portfolios in such turbulent times.

As such, we bring you the ultimate report on crypto investment literacy across current markets that would empower you to improve your crypto literacy skills. In this report, we highlight key survey findings on current crypto investors’ investment literacy and how you can take your investments to the next level. The aforementioned framework is broken down into 3 dimensions:

Dimension 1: Interest and Attitude

Dimension 2: Due Diligence Behavior

Dimension 3: Investment Ambition and Behavior

Take your first step towards strengthening your crypto literacy skills as we present you with findings on current perceptions and behaviors in the crypto market, and take action to assess your investment behaviors with our investment checklist.

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