After listening to these words, my heart blossomed. So when he asked me if I was going to his house to have dinner with him today, I had already thrown the result of a morning's struggle out of the window, simply agreed, and trotted to open the door to prepare to go directly. Before Zheng Yunkai went out, he looked back and said to himself, "Nothing has changed. It looks like nothing has really changed." "What do you mean?"? What change? What doesn't change? I'm very curious. Zheng Yunkai looked down at me and smiled softly. He closed the door and said, "If you are Wen Guo's girlfriend, don't you find that the layout of his room has not changed?" Of course it hasn't changed! Because he never came back! I muttered a word. Zheng Yunkai looked at me again with that strange look, then shook his head and pushed me directly into the open door of his house. I began to regret it when I entered his house. How dare you always bother you? I shyly. No trouble, you can also contribute, such as cooking and so on, not to mention that I eat alone is also done, a person eating is also boring. He said as he began to cut vegetables. I deliberately dug two more spoonfuls of rice from the rice bucket, hey, I have a good taste again! "Don't dig so much. Can you eat it?" He looked at me sideways and smiled again. I was washing rice,Theobromine Powder, Zheng Yunkai suddenly came over and pulled up my wet left hand: "Band-Aid has not been changed?"? Wash the rice dirty. I gave him a white look, reached out and tore off the band-aid that had indeed turned black, revealing a section of knuckles that had not been exposed to the air for a long time and looked a little white. I shook it angrily in front of him and pressed it into the water again: "This is clean!" He shakes his head helplessly: "You, so does the wound not enter water?" "Don't worry!"! My self-repair function is very fast, and it is not easy to heal the wound without air every day. What's more, the opening is so small. Zheng Yunkai left me alone and continued to cut vegetables. Since I can't resist the temptation of delicious food,Glucono Delta Lactone, I just want to save trouble. So I negotiated with him at the dinner table. That-Zheng Yunkai. I cleared my throat and shouted "Yunkai" awkwardly, unable to speak. Yunkai, call me Yunkai. He picked up his chopsticks and looked at me. All right, if you don't care about the small things, the clouds will open. Cloud opens ah- "this cry out, feel the cold hair of my whole body is standing at attention, but opposite this Zheng Daguanren face does not see any movement." Originally, I was used to solving the problem of eating by myself. But for the sake of your sincere invitation, I can't force you to disfigure yourself in public, can I? So, I will be wronged, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, make do with it, and have dinner with you. Will you be back at noon? He shook his head with the same damn half-smile on his face. But I can't eat you for free. On the one hand, I accompany you to eliminate loneliness, which is part of the offset. On the other hand, if I solve it by myself, the most luxurious thing is a packet of instant noodles, which is very economical. So, I can't pay half of the bill for such a luxurious meal you bought. Then I am too wronged. What's more, I don't have enough food to eat, and my pockets are tight. "And then?" He is playing with chopsticks as pencils, and his fingers are really flexible. This kind of action is really handsome, I admire learning, did not succeed, after two or three times, the pen fell directly to the ground, attracted a lot of eyes from the students. I decided to buy your dinner at the market price of the most luxurious big bowl of noodles-subsidizing you for 2.5 yuan a night, which is the supermarket standard price of mid-range bowl of noodles. I didn't take advantage of you. You know, if I eat by myself, I would never be willing to buy such an expensive and useless bowl of noodles. I would spend half the price to buy a bag of boiled noodles, which is just as delicious. Anyway, the seasoning package is the same. Let me see Zheng Yunkai. He looked at me now as if I were sitting in front of an African orangutan who had suddenly spoken. Suddenly I feel a little embarrassed. Is the abacus too precise, a little too much? Why don't you pay for two bowls of noodles? Just as he was thinking about it, he suddenly stretched out a hand across the table to me: "Deal!"! Check out once a month at the end of the month. Cash is accepted. Cheques and credit cards are not accepted. I clapped my hands with him to reflect what he had just said, and I couldn't help laughing. I can't help it. I'm always slow and late. After dinner, through friendly consultation, we formally divided the work: I was responsible for cooking and washing dishes, while Zheng Yunkai was the chef. Zheng Yunkai was really a good man and promised to help me restore the broadband network. Good man, good man! Anyway, I felt uncomfortable when I went back to the big clean house, so after dinner, I sat cross-legged on his sofa and watched TV, while commenting on the director and the scriptwriter who treated the audience as a fool. Zheng Yunkai seems to be very idle. He accompanied me to watch the boring TV series. The two of us occupied both ends of the sofa and did not interfere with each other. But when I was too noisy, he would squint at me, and I immediately realized that I shouldn't be too presumptuous in other people's fields, so I was quiet for a while. But the plot development was so retarded that I soon lost control of my mouth. Why do you talk so much? Zheng Yunkai said a little impatiently. I'm alone at home every day, and I have a lot of words. I can't help pouring out my grievances. Zheng Yunkai looked at me in a funny way: "I turned over the material you translated, and it was still good.". Why don't you get a job? It's not good to stay at home at a young age. Expose my scars again. I gave him a white look: "Do you think I have no work experience?"? I have worked for half a year! Have a relatively rich work experience,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, worked in two companies, know what is workplace politics, but also know what is difficult! My complaint made him smile again. What's so funny.