He unbuttoned his military overcoat and took out his hospitalization permit from the pocket of his exposed military jacket. Sure enough, it was issued by the outpatient department that morning. After she saw it, she found that the patient should be under her charge and belonged to the radiology department. She took the permit and turned to get the sleeping pills: I'll bring it right away. Go and lie down first. Wait a minute, wait a minute! He seemed to wake up. Give me back that piece of paper! We know a wide range of these means. "But what are you worried about?" She turned around and asked in a grievance. Don't you believe me? He looked at it hesitantly and said grumpily: Why should I believe you? You and I have never had soup in the same bowl.. ,, Then he went to the place where he was lying. She was so angry that instead of going back to him, she asked the nurse to give him the sleeping pills and the permit, which had the word "let." Words, but also drew a bar, with an exclamation mark. Only in the night did she pass by him. He's asleep. The slightly curved back of the bench meets the equally curved seat, forming a shallow groove, which is convenient for this person to sleep on without falling off. He had taken off his wet military overcoat, but he still covered himself with it: one side of his skirt covered his legs, the other side covered his shoulders. A pair of broken boots hung at the end of the bench. None of the tops of the boots were intact,Quillaja Saponin, and they were patched and patched with black and red leather trimmings. The front and heel of the boot sole are horseshoes. The next morning Vera Kornilyevna called the head nurse again, and she placed him on the landing of the second floor. It was true that Kostoglotov had not embarrassed her since that first day. He was polite, spoke to her in the usual language of city people, always took the initiative to greet her first,Sex Enhancement Powder, and even gave her a friendly smile. But it always left a feeling that he would suddenly do something strange. As expected, when she called him for a blood type test the day before yesterday, she had prepared an empty syringe to draw some blood from his veins, but he put down his sleeves, which had been rolled up, and said firmly: "Vera Kornilyevna, I am very sorry. Please think of another way. This experiment will not be necessary." "Why is that, Kostoglotov?" My blood has been drunk a lot, and I don't want to give it any more. Whoever has more blood, L Methylfolate Factory ,D BHB Factory, let him give it. "But why aren't you ashamed?"? What a man! She glanced at him with that sneering look inherent in womanhood that no man can stand. What's the use of the blood test? "We can give you a blood transfusion if necessary." Give it to me? Blood transfusion? Come on! Why would I want someone else's blood? I don't want other people's blood. I don't give a drop of my own blood. You can write down the blood type. It was tested at the front. I remember it. No matter how she tried to persuade him, he refused to give in and always found some unexpected reason to refuse. He was convinced that all this was unnecessary. At last, she was almost angry: You have placed me in a rather foolish and ridiculous position. I ask you for the last time. Needless to say, it was impolitic and humiliating on her part--why should he be asked? And he immediately bared his arm and stretched it out to her: "Just for you-three milliliters, please." Because she was always at a loss in front of him, there was an embarrassing episode once. Kostoglotov said: But you don't look like a German woman. You probably take your husband's name? "Yes," she blurted out. Why did she answer like that? At that moment, it was as if he had been wronged not to answer like this. He didn't ask anything more. In fact, "Hangalt" is the surname of her father and grandfather. They are Germanic people who have been Russified. How can I answer that? Say "I'm not married"? Say, "I've never been married"? This is impossible. Chapter VI The Beginning and End of Biopsy Lyudmila Afanasyevna first brought Kostoglotov into the instrument room, where a sick woman who had been irradiated once had just gone out. Here, from eight o'clock in the morning, a large 180,000-volt X-ray tube suspended from a bracket worked almost continuously, and the ventilation windows were closed, so the air was filled with a sweet, slightly uncomfortable X-ray radiant heat. After five or six or ten exposures, the lungs would feel sick as soon as they felt the heat (which was not just heat), but Lyudmila Afanasyevna was used to it. Donzova worked here for 20 years, when the tube had no shield at all (she was nearly electrocuted under a high-voltage power line), breathing the air of the X-ray room every day and sitting there for diagnosis far more than allowed. Despite her shield and gloves, she probably received more radiation than the most tolerable patients, but no one counted the "units" of radiation. She hurried, not only to get out quickly, but also because she couldn't let the X-ray device delay much. She motioned to Kostoglotov to lie down on a hard couch under the X-ray tube and expose his abdomen. She drew on his skin with an itchy, cool brush, as if she were writing numbers. Then she explained the quadrant diagram to the nurse who was an X-ray technician and showed her how to put the tube close to each quadrant. Then she turned Kostoglotov on his stomach and painted on his back for a while. She informed him: "Come to me when you're done." Then she left. The nurse told him to lie on his back again and cover the first quadrant with a sheet, and then she went to bring some heavy little rubber lead blankets and covered them with all the adjacent parts that should not be directly irradiated by X-ray at present. These stretchy blankets press down on the body to give a feeling of both heaviness and comfort. Then the nurse went out and closed the door,Kava Root Extract, and now he could only be seen through the small window in the thick wall. There was a slight hum, some auxiliary lights came on, and the main tube was already hot. pioneer-biotech.com