Protest in Sikkim over Supreme Court verdict

The people in Sikkim are protesting following the recent Supreme Court observation of Sikkimese Nepalis were people of foreign origin.   Caiib Study Material

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What was the verdict of Supreme Court?

Current situation and demand:

Response from Government of India:

Important Question & Answers Related to the Article:

What was the verdict of Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court referred to Sikkimese Nepalis as people who were of “foreign origin” who had “migrated to and settled in Sikkim” over a petition relating to tax exemptions for residents of Sikkim.

Even court has also described ethnic Sikkimese communities such as the Bhutias and the Lepchas as “original inhabitants of Sikkim” at the same time.

Ethnicity in Sikkim has been a delicate issue. There are three main groups living in the state named as Lepchas, Bhutias and Nepalis.

Current situation and demand:

It has been called an emergency session of the Assembly on 9th February and the protestors have also given a deadline of seven days for the state government to act on this issue.

Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang recently expressed his deep concern about the community being referred to as foreigners and asserted the remark were not part of the verdict.

He assured that the state government would make all efforts for getting the remarks struck.

48 hours of bandh has been called by the main opposition party called ‘Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF)’ starting on Saturday. There are many Nepalis present in big numbers in Sikkim along with Lepchas and Bhutias.

On a petition filed by the Association of Old Settlers of Sikkim (AOSS), demanding exemption of income tax those who had settled in the state before its merger with India on April 26, 1975, the Supreme court on January 13 observed that Sikkimese Nepalis were people of foreign origin. The SC also exempted old settlers of Indian origin from paying income tax.

Response from Government of India:

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has given an assurance to a delegation from Sikkim which seeking clarity on the term “Sikkimese” in line with constitutional provisions.

Central government and Indian people are respecting the sentiments of the Sikkimese community. The people of Sikkim are an integral and important part of India thus their security and pride is responsibility of India.

Union law minister Kiren Rijiju has also responded to SC verdict and stated it will falling to confirmation and revive to the Supreme Court.

Important Question & Answers Related to the Article:

Q1. Which term used by the Supreme Court for Sikkimese Nepalis?

Ans. Foreign Origin

Q2. Who is the Chief Minister of Sikkim?

Ans. Prem Singh Tamang

Q3. In which year Sikkim was founded as Indian state?

Ans. 16, May, 1975

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