Bulk Collagen INTRODUCTION [Product Name]: Tilapia Scale Collagen Powder(Peptide) [The origin]: Fish Skin, Fish Scale [Ingredients]: Protein 鈮?0% [Spec.]: White powder [Package]: 10kg per carton [Storage]: Stored in tightly closed containers at room temperature in a clean, dry, ventilated warehouse, prevent against moisture and sunshine. [Application]: Used in the production and manufacture of food, health food, and beauty & skin care products. [Product Specifications]: ItemsStandard ImpurityNo visible exogenous impurity Protein鈮?0% PH5.00 - 7.50 Ash鈮?.0% Moisture鈮?.00% Lead鈮?.50 mg/kg Arsenic鈮?.50 mg/kg Mercury鈮?.50 mg/kg Yeast&Mold鈮?00CFU/g Coliforms鈮?0CFU/g OUR ADVANTAGES 1. Why Do You Choose Our Company? Our company has more than 20 years of professional experience in the research and development, production and sales of Tilapia Scale Collagen Powder(Peptide). The products have been successfully exported to nearly 100 companies in more than 60 countries and regions around the world such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and so on. Our products are of high quality and are highly recognized by customers. 2. If You Have Any Advantages About The Price? We are the Factory of Tilapia Scale Collagen Powder(Peptide), thus the price is more competitive. 3. Do You Have Any Certification For Your Products? We鈥檝e obtained ISO, HACCP, Halal certifications and so on. FAQ 1. What's the detailed package? 10kg each box, with inner package is PE bag & aluminum foil bag. Outer package is carton. 2. How about the Payment Term? Usually, T/T in advance payment. 3. Can you provide free samples? Yes, we can provide you with 100g-200g free samples. 4. Are tilapia raw materials artificially farmed or wild? Our tilapia are artificial farmed. 5. What is the molecular weight of your product-Tilapia Scale Collagen Powder(Peptide)? We can supply two specifications of these, below 500 Dalton or below 1000 Dalton. 6. What is the solubility of your product Tilapia Scale Collagen Powder(Peptide)? Our Tilapia Scale Collagen Powder(Peptide) product can be completely dissolved in water. 7. What is the hydroxyproline content of your product-Tilapia Scale Collagen Powder(Peptide)? The hydroxyproline content of this product is about 10%.Bulk Collagen website:http://www.collagenii.com/collagen/