The leakage of the chamber filter press may be a common problem for many units using the chamber filter press. As a chamber filter press manufacturer, it is necessary to explain the reasons and solutions for the leakage of the chamber filter press. This can help the majority of units use chamber filter press to solve problems in time and improve production efficiency.

chamber filter press

1. Leakage caused by insufficient compression

If it is found that some of the filter plates of the chamber filter press are leaking outwards, it is generally caused by insufficient pressing force. The pressing force is generally: plastic filter plates 15~20Mpa. In the case of insufficient pressing force, we can gradually increase the pressure, but be careful not to exceed the rated pressure. Appropriate pressure can greatly increase the service life of the chamber filter press without material leakage. When we increase the pressing force, start the pressing button. At this time, the motor rotates in the forward direction to drive the oil pump to run. After pressing the filter plate, adjust the high-pressure relief valve clockwise and observe the pressure of the pressure gauge. Adjust the pressure to the appropriate range of use and start the operation.

2. There are impurities on the sealing surface of the filter plate of the filter press

Due to the debris, although the filter plate of the filter press is compressed, the gap formed by the debris will cause the problem of material leakage. The solution to this problem is relatively simple. We only need to pay attention to cleaning the debris on the sealing surface. Make sure that there is no debris between the filter plates before each pressing, just clean it up.

3. Problems caused by folded, uneven filter cloth and irregular arrangement of filter plates

Folding and uneven filter cloth will also cause material leakage. Therefore, if there is a problem, we should pay attention to observe whether it is caused by the filter cloth of the plate and frame filter press. Because the filter cloth is not flat, the filter plate will not be tightly pressed, which will cause leakage. If this kind of situation is found, it is necessary to arrange the filter cloth flat. The uneven arrangement of the filter plates will also cause material leakage. Generally speaking, the maximum dislocation of the filter plates should not exceed 5 mm, otherwise liquid leakage will easily occur. If this situation is found, it is enough to arrange the filter plates neatly.

In addition, when the chamber filter press is feeding, if the feeding pressure is too large, material leakage will occur, because when the feeding pressure is too large, there will be different degrees of backpressure. At this time, the pressure must be controlled at the rated value. under pressure. Also, if the flow rate of the feed pump is too large, problems will also occur. The solution to such problems is to adjust the valve of the feed pump, install the return pipe, and open the return valve.

The above is about the possible reasons for the leakage failure of the chamber filter press, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. As a chamber filter press manufacturer, Kintep specializes in the production of chamber filter press. If you want to know more about chamber filter press, then come and pay attention to our website.