What is Socket Weld Pipe Fittings

socket weld fittings is a pipe attachment detail. In this case, the pipe will be inserted in to a recessed area of a pipe, fitting, valve, or flange. In order to join the pipes or valves to the other sections of the pipe, seal welds of fillet type will be applied. So in some cases socket weld fittings is a good choice. This is because the benefits of great structural strength and high leakage integrity would be quite important factors that have to be taken into consideration when designing your pipeline project.

Socket weld pipe fittings typically consist of a socket, a shoulder, and a borehole. The socket is the part of the fitting that is welded to the pipe, and the shoulder provides a stop against which the pipe end can rest, ensuring proper alignment. The borehole is the hole in the fitting through which the fluid or gas flows.

They are commonly used in high-pressure piping systems, where a strong, leak-proof connection is required. They are popular in industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals.

How Do They Work:

A form of pipe fitting used in piping systems to join pipes and components is called a socket weld fitting. They are frequently employed in pipelines with small diameters and are widely used in the chemical, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical industries.

In that they are welded to the pipe, socket weld fittings manufacturers in india are identical to butt weld fittings. Instead of being directly welded to the pipe, socket weld fittings are made to be inserted into a socket in the pipe. Compared to butt weld fittings, they are therefore simpler to install and remove.


The socket, shoulder, and borehole components of the socket weld fittings. The portion of the fitting that is welded to the pipe is called the socket. The shoulder serves as a halt for theIn summary, socket weld fittings are a type of pipe fittings that are used to connect pipes and components. They are designed to be fitted into a socket in the pipe, making them easier to install and remove compared to butt weld fittings. They are commonly used in industries such as chemical, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals.

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