The white candle wax warmer is a creative hollow out ceramic jar, high temperature resistant, exquisite and fashionable. This ceramic candle holder is designed to spread fragrance and light, and the light passes through the holes to project a beautiful pattern onto the wall or table.

The white ceramic jar features letter cutouts and also has a flat bottom for stable standing. The ceramic candle holder bottom is used to store candles, which is convenient and practical. The smooth surface is easy to clean.

This white candle wax burner can be used with tealight or LEDs for a unique home candle decoration. It can be used as an outdoor and indoor decoration to create a warm atmosphere. Their unique designs and understated elegance will enhance the home ambience.

Our white ceramic wax warmer can be used as a night light to brighten up your room. Put the scented wax into the white ceramic warmer, the overflowing aroma can optimize the air and eliminate odors. Scented candles emit warm light and scents to help you sleep better and relieve daytime fatigue.

White Candle Wax Warmer Wholesale

TYZ Ceramic is the best ceramic candle vessel supplier, we wholesale white candle wax warmers in different patterns. The white candle burner is uniquely crafted with light perforations in the walls of the ceramic cup.

Light a scented candle and start that little flame inside the white candle wax warmer. The warm candlelight shines through the small hole on the wall of the cup. The warm candlelight makes people feel soft and full, and calms the mind.

The hollow white ceramic pot can also be used as a pen holder or a small vase for flower arrangement, which is both beautiful and practical.