We offer various styles of ceramic candle jars. Ceramic is an ideal material for candle containers because of its high temperature resistance. Ceramic jars produced specifically for candles are non-porous so as not to break easily. They are designed to be strong enough to withstand the stress of candle heat.

Ceramic candle jars have many colors, beautiful appearance, high temperature resistance, heat insulation, high hardness, good wear resistance, etc. Ceramic jars have a unique shape and are a great option for making candles stand out.

Empty Ceramic Candle Jars Application

Candle ceramic jars are durable and won’t break even if the candle burns to the end. Because ceramics do not expand much when heated at high temperatures. Various patterns can be added to ceramic candle jars. This adds a modern aesthetic that complements every decorating style.

Empty ceramic candle jars can be used as kitchen storage jars to store food, coffee beans, herbs, etc. Ceramic jars keep the kitchen neat and tidy. Ceramic jars can also be used to hold makeup brushes, cotton swabs, and some paper clips and bobby pins. You can also use the ceramic candle jar as a pen holder to decorate your desk.

The ceramic candle container can also be used as a small flower pot. Put a few bunches of lilies in the bedroom to help sleep; put cosmos in the bathroom to purify the air; put a few small fresh peonies, roses, and tulips on the dining table are also good choices. Larger ceramic jars can also directly raise some lovely succulents.

DIY Ceramic Candle Jar Making

  1. First wrap the candle wick with a thin layer of wax. Melt a small amount of wax, dip the unwaxed wick into the wax, and remove to dry.
  2. Clean the ceramic pot, put a little wax on the wax core to fix it on the bottom of the pot. Wrap a stick around the wax core a few times and place it on the jar.
  3. Melt an appropriate amount of candle, be careful when melting. You can melt regular scented candles to build up the amount of wax you want.
  4. When the candle has melted, pour it into the prepared ceramic jar.
  5. Let the finished candle dry for about 24 hours. Trim any exposed wax core.