For the structure of the filter press, the main filtering effect occurs in the filter chamber, and the filter chamber is composed of a piece of filter plate, the center is mixed with a filter cloth, and the separation of solid and liquid requires a filter chamber. In a closed environment, it has to accept a certain resistance, so an effective force is added longitudinally to the filter plate to form a pressing effect on the filter plate. This effect force is called the pressure of the filter plate. Through this introduction, we understand that the effect of this pressure on the equipment is to make the filtrate form a closed environment. When the pressure changes, it will affect the acceptability of the filter chamber, thereby affecting the working ability of the chamber filter press equipment.

chamber filter press

The pressure generated by the chamber filter press hydraulic pressure system can better meet the needs of the equipment. If the chamber filter press is to ensure its normal operation, the filter chamber needs to be kept in a closed and high-pressure environment. The necessary condition for the chamber filter press to produce this is that there must be strong pressure. The two forms of pressure (both human pressure and mechanical pressure) of the chamber filter press can only reach 78 MPa at the highest, while the pressure range of the hydraulic pressure is increased by several tens of MPa, and the chamber filter press is greatly satisfied. The need for filter presses began to develop. It paves the way for large-scale filter presses.

The chamber filter press hydraulic pressure system is easier to control. The hydraulic pressure system adopts the function of monitoring the whole section, and a controller for monitoring and detection is designed in every key part of the hydraulic oil. These controllers of the chamber filter press can very well convert the pressure into electronic signals all the time. In this way, the chamber filter press can imagine the exchange and communication between the computer control system and the hydraulic pressure system on the equipment, so that the chamber filter press can easily control the hydraulic system. This also creates the necessary conditions for the intelligentization of hydraulic filter press and automation of chamber filter press and provides a foothold for the future development of filter press.

When the pressure effect is applied to the filter plate, it must be ensured that the direction of the pressure effect is on the same line as the center point of the filter plate of the filter chamber, so as to keep each point of each filter plate can receive a uniform effect force, so as to avoid The uneven effect force will cause the leakage of the filter chamber, and if the filter plate is subjected to uneven force for a long time, it will cause the deformation of the filter plate part, and in severe cases, the filter plate will burst and cause unforeseen damage. When the pressure on the filter plate is applied, it can also be transmitted to the filtrate through the filter plate, thereby adding kinetic energy to the filtrate, allowing the liquid to pass through the filter cloth faster and increasing the working efficiency of the equipment.

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