"The upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked," Danfei sneered. So you're saying that she's going to hand in the list to please the Wei family. The Wei family checked the list and knew that you still had a hand. And in order to force you to hand over the letter, they will.. She gets it. Cui Jingyu nodded, "I will let out the wind that Ah Jiang is not dead and has come to me incognito.". The Wei family will certainly seize this opportunity to catch you. I will give the letter again to save you. In this way, you will enter the palace as a matter of course, and no one will doubt your identity. "Are you going to give the letter?" Danffy was displeased. Of course not. Cui Jingyu said, "Wei Wen will exchange the fake for the real, but I won't?"? I'm asking the county king to find someone who is good at this job. Danfi grinned and slapped him hard on the arm. "You've come to the right person!" Cui Jingyu rubbed his arm subconsciously and twitched at the corners of his mouth. "Can you?" "Yes!" Danfield raised his delicate chin proudly. "Wait for an eye-opener." Join hands to fake In the night, the spring rain became heavier and fell on the leaves, making a fine rustling sound. There is a bright oil lamp in the study. There was an unopened letter on the desk. Cui Jingyu came in with an umbrella, and when he closed it, a few drops of water fell on his face. He put his umbrella by the door and leaned over to see that the letter paper was almost wet by the drops of water. Be careful! Danffy hastily moved the letter away. "It's authentic." "How do you judge?" "I can smell it." Danfei handed the letter to Cui Jingyu's nose. "What do you smell?" Cui Jingyu frowned slightly, "coke and spices." "This is no ordinary spice." Danfei said, "The Liu family has been doing business with the ministries outside the Great Wall all the year round,collapsible bulk container, and I help manage the shops, so I know what spices the Hu people of all nationalities like to use.". Among them, there are men and women, nobles and civilians. In recent years, the princes and nobles of the Turks like to use the strong fragrance. However,drum spill containment, the raw material for this spice was very expensive and scarce, so the merchant used another spice instead. After changing the ingredients, the fragrance usually smells little different, but after sealing for a period of time, it will emit another kind of smell. I used to be familiar with the smell when I checked the warehouse. "How can the incense used by Turkic Khan be inferior?" "Of course not." Danfei said proudly, "The incense on this letter is authentic.". Incense should not be kept for a long time, and it should be used up within six months at the latest. The year before last, there was a severe drought in the place where the precious raw materials were produced, and the spices were almost lost, and only a little of them were supplied to the Daming Palace. At the beginning of last year, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet supplier, the emperor gave some things to the Turkic Khan, including this kind of incense. The reason why I know is that the envoy who sent the reward came to visit Liu Gong and mentioned it during the conversation. Therefore, this letter must have drifted out of the Turkic court. Cui Jingyu stared at her for a moment, nodded and said, "Good.". I believe you really have some ability. "Then I'll show you some more skills." Dunphy threw him a list. "One, no questions asked. Two, find me what's on the list." "Smoke ink, old tea, smoked cage.." What do you need mutton fat and chicken feathers for? "I said no questions!" Cui Jingyu had no choice but to invite the boy to run errands and told him not to let others know. The boy took the list and ran away in a confused way. The things on the list came one after another, and Danfei began to get busy. The cut paper is soaked in old tea and dried on the fumigator to make an old look. Cui Jingyu grinds the ink, Dan Fei displays the skill greatly, according to the handwriting on the original, transcribed the cover completely. All kinds of fonts are at her fingertips and she writes at one go. Where did you practice this skill? Cui Jingyu's accident was obvious. I said no more questions. One question always money! Cui Jingyu's mouth twitched fiercely and clenched his teeth. Danfi glanced at him. "Turn around." "I didn't even make a sound!" Cui Jingyu was angry. The next work to be done is the unique learning of the school, which can not be shown to outsiders. If you want to see it, you can kowtow to me as your teacher. "The heart of a small man measures the belly of a gentleman." Cui Jingyu turned around with a black face. Danffy was playing behind his back like a mouse stealing rice. Cui Jingyu smelled the smell of mutton fat, the smell of burning charcoal, and heard all kinds of strange sounds. Several times he tried to steal a glance back. He moved his head a little. Danfei looked like he had eyes in the back of his head. "Take a peek at Wuguan Money," he said. Cui Jingyu did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Are you sure you won't burn down the house?"? You know, even if I sell you, it's not enough for a beam in this house. "Ha ha." Danffy smirked twice. "So you know arithmetic.". Born handsome and comely, the brain is not good, the easiest to be coaxed round and round. No wonder Princess Anle likes you so much. It can be seen that women and men are the same, like beautiful and brainless people, the easiest to coax, use up, the old beauty, can be neatly thrown away. "I have no affair with her!" Cui Jingyu was angry. Yes, yes! "Because you can't," said Danffy. "You!" Cui Jingyu suddenly turned back. Wuguan money! Denfy shouted. Cui Jingyu was so angry that he simply got up and went out of the house. All right, I won't tease you. Danfi was overjoyed. Cui Jingyu stood in the doorway, squinting at her, cold and proud. He is really handsome,plastic pallet bin, this angry look also makes people feel that the mind is rippling. Danfi thought he was funny, like an annoyed cat. The estrangement and strangeness that had always been between them disappeared in an instant. She seemed to see through the man's aloofness and pride at a glance. Come here. Danfei waved to Cui Jingyu. "If you're interested, I'll show you.". This is one of our Cao family's housekeeping skills. Cui Jingyu came back slowly and sat down. "How could General Cao do this?" 。 cnplasticpallet.com