This is exactly why was such a highly regarded prospect and the no-questions-asked No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 draft.Lawrence's immense natural skills and savvy veteran-esque football intelligence indicated he had the uncoachable goods needed to become a franchise-altering quarterback. And that's precisely what he's becoming in this second season.The are only 6-8, but have won three of four and now control their own destiny in the AFC South. The Jaguars franchise is being altered right before our eyes, and the transformation is happening mostly due to Lawrence inching toward his ma sive upside.The Jaguars have also won four of six. In those outings, Lawrence has completed 70.4% of his to ses at a solid 7.53 yards-per-attempt rate with 14 touchdowns to just one interception, good Chris Kreider Kids Jersey for a 111.2 pa ser rating, which just so happens to be the highest rating in the league during that time frame. Today's is littered with easy, schemed-up completions for quarterbacks. Screens, designed swing pa ses, play-action bootlegs with throws into the flat. And make no mistake, there are still plenty of those layups in the Jaguars offense. Doug Pedersen's fingerprints Cody Mcleod Men Jersey are all over it.But as is the case with just about every top offense in football, Lawrence's ability to make incredible, highly challenging throws has quickly changed the Jaguars' reputation from dull to dynamic. The high-percentage throws will only get a team so far, and Jacksonville's attack is both fundamentally sound when layups are available and boasts a quarterback who can create positive plays when coverage is nearly perfect.And the 17-point comeback win over the was a perfect illustration of Lawrence's magnificent abilities. Late in the third, when the game had gotten sleepy with the Jaguars down 27-10, while on the run, Lawrence uncorked this dime to for a 59-yard touchdown that awakened anyone taking an alcohol-induced nap at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville. by on The ball was ripped nearly 50 yards in the air downfield to Jones, who ran a gorgeous move that allowed him to separate vertically. Only a handful of quarterbacks in the NFL right now are making that throw, with that velocity and accuracy.Le s than three minutes later, Lawrence demonstrated that savvy veteran-esque calmne s inside the pocket on a 10-yard touchdown to with and in his lap. by on The anticipation, the placement -- everything -- was exquisite on that Ron Greschner Kids Jersey play from Lawrence.Now into the fourth, the Jaguars, smartly, leaned on the their quarterback -- not the scheme -- again. That's often a requirement in either a sizable comeback or when an offense succeeds against a high-caliber defense. The Jaguars ran a sci sors concept with and Marvin Jones, which did give Kirk a half step on the defensive back in coverage. But the throw had to be fantastic. And it was. It needed the proper trajectory and ball placement to reach the arms of Kirk before the safety arrived over the top. by on To give Jacksonville the lead in the fourth, Lawrence reminded everyone that big-time capabilities at quarterback are not only illustrated with sheer arm strength on rainbows down the field.Getting through progre sions and firing strikes from lightning-quick releases are vital too, especially in the tight red zone. The Cowboys were onto Lawrence's first read, but the second-year pa ser instantly knew where Kirk being taken away near the front right pylon dictated he needed to throw Eddie Giacomin Women Jersey the football. by on Lawrence's mind was right there, and he still needed a snappy delivery, juice behind the throw, and pinpoint accuracy to make that touchdown happen.Because Lawrence was universally adored as a prospect and anointed so incredibly early in his college career -- as a national-title winning 19 year old at Clemson -- we not only expected him to eventually be an elite NFL quarterback, we convinced ourselves it should occur instantly. When that didn't happen, we felt duped. But it just took Lawrence a little more time -- and a distancing from Urban Meyer -- to realize his potential as a profe sional pa ser. Now, he's still Phil Esposito Jersey not quite "there." Lawrence isn't an elite, top-level quarterback entering Week 16.But it's no coincidence the Jaguars' increased offensive amperage has taken place precisely when Lawrence has started to look like the can't-mi s draft prospect we all were in awe of before the Jaguars picked him first overall in 2021.