Welcome to the Monday edition of the Pick Six newsletter!I'm not going to say that this year feels a lot like last year, but we're finally down to our final four teams in the , and this year feels a lot like last year. Three of the four remaining teams from this season also made it to the conference title game last season, and for the second year in a row, the ended their game by calling one of the dumbest plays imaginable.Last year, they called a QB draw with 14 seconds left and no timeouts. This year, they somehow outdid themselves by calling an even worse play, .With the Cowboys lo s, that leaves the , , and as the final four teams left standing. Those first three teams were all in the conference title round last year, which means this is the first time since 2011-12 that we've had three teams return to the conference title game.Speaking of the conference title games, we'll be taking an early look at those in today's newsletter. Plus, we'll be breaking down the divisional round, and we'll also Dallas Mavericks T-Shirts be trying to figure out what's up with ' ankle. Let's get to the rundown. As always, here's your weekly reminder to tell all your friends to sign up for the Pick Six newsletter. To get your friends to sign up, all you have to do is with them.It's Monday, which can only mean one thing: I stayed up until 3 a.m. last night recording a podcast with Will Brinson and Ryan Wilson that touched on everything you need to know about the divisional round. And let me just say, it's probably for the best that you listen.One thing we do every week is hand out our weekly winners and losers from Sunday's action. Here's a look at who made our list. Ryan WilsonWinner: .The Bengals quarterback might be the coolest person on the planet. Although the Bengals were an underdog going into Sunday's game, the tide quickly turned after "Joe Cool" came out and stunned Buffalo by completing his first nine pa ses for 105 yards and two touchdowns. Burrow now has five playoffs wins over the past two seasons, which is impre sive, when you consider that the Bengals only won five playoff games total during their first 53 seasons of existence. Loser: Devonte Patterson Jersey The .After Patrick Mahomes went down with an ankle injury, the upset was there for the taking, but the Jaguars let it slip out of their hands. Defensively, they let Mahomes' backup ( ) come in and lead a 98-yard TD drive. Offensively, they had two brutal turnovers in the fourth quarter that iced the win for Kansas City.Will BrinsonWinner: The Kelce family.With Kansas City and Philadelphia both winning over the weekend, that means there's still a chance that Chiefs tight end and Eagles center could end up playing each other in the . The two brothers , and J.J. Barea Jersey it would probably get pretty wild leading up to the Super Bowl if both of them were playing in the game.Loser: .After a Cinderella season, the quarterback finally turned back into a pumpkin Saturday. Jones threw for just 135 yards during an embarra sing lo s to the Eagles where his team was only able to muster one touchdown. To add insult to injury, Jones took a beating, getting sacked five times. John BreechWinner: .The Cowboys didn't win, but Maher might actually be able to sleep this week knowing that he didn't cost his team the game. Although he did have an extra point blocked, he also hit two key field goals that allowed the Cowboys to stay in the game until the very end.Loser: The NFL. The league was on the cusp of having its first-ever neutral-site AFC Championship game, but the with an upset win over the . Now that the neutral-site AFC Championship game is off the table, please let it never happen, NFL.Not only did we go over each game, but we also took a very early look at the conference championship matchups. To listen to today's episode, . You can .Since there were only four games over the weekend, we thought it would make sense to at least take a brief look at what happened in each game, so that's what we're going to do here.Chiefs 27-20 over Jaguars.After leaving the game in the second quarter due to a serious ankle injury, Patrick Mahomes returned in the second half to lead the Chiefs to the win. Playing on one foot didn't seem to slow him down, as he completed 10 of 15 pa ses for 107 yards after suffering the injury. The Chiefs defense also came up with two key turnovers in the fourth quarter to help propel Kansas City to its fifth straight AFC title game. The Chiefs also got some unexpected help from backup QB Chad Henne, who led a 98-yard scoring drive on his only full po se sion of the game. It was the longest TD drive the Chiefs had all season.Eagles 38-7 over Giants.The Eagles jumped out to a 28-0 halftime lead and then coasted to the win from there. The Eagles were able to pick up the dominating victory thanks to a defense that racked up five sacks while also holding the Giants to fewer than 230 yards of total offense. Offensively, the Eagles were led by a rushing attack that totaled 268 yards on the ground with (112) and (90) doing most of the damage. also had a big night, and more importantly, Courtney Lee Jersey his shoulder looked fully healthy as he totaled three touchdowns (two pa sing and one rushing).Bengals 27-10 over Bills.In the biggest surprise of the weekend, the underdog Bengals absolutely destroyed the Bills. The Bengals offense put up some big numbers, but it was the defense that stole the show in this game. The Bengals limited the Bills to just 10 points, which was Buffalo's lowest total of the season. Cincinnati's offense also came through with a big game that included 242 yards and two touchdowns from Joe Burrow, along with 105 rushing yards from . The Bengals shot out to a 14-0 lead and in the first quarter, and the game never felt close after that.49ers 19-12 over Cowboys. The 49ers earned their second-straight trip to the NFC Championship by winning a defensive battle with the Cowboys. The 49ers picked off twice and got six points off those turnovers, and that proved to be the difference in the game. The 49ers weren't great on offense, but they did get several big individual performances from (95 receiving yards) and (57 total yars and a TD) to eke out the win. The unsung hero in the game for San Francisco was , who proved to be a huge weapon, as he scored 13 of their 19 points with four field goals and an extra point.The 49ers-Cowboys game was the only one that really had any drama over the weekend, but I wouldn't be surprised if both conference title games turn into cla sics considering the teams playing in them. If you're a fan of ankles, then you're going to be loving the NFL over the next few days, because Patrick Mahomes' ankle is going to be one of the hottest topics around the league this Antonius Cleveland Jersey wee