Ji Ming was very happy to see this. Because the other side's current situation is in their own expectations, now just need to remind themselves a little, the other side should be able to understand their meaning. So Ji Ming immediately came to his bar. To two glasses of red wine, and then handed a glass to each other, then said: "You finally know Liu Lunshi's intentions.". In fact, according to my guess, this is also one of his ways to protect himself. After all, it is impossible for him to succeed without two skills in this world. And this business is really a bit risky. Six hundred thousand shells, probably more than one million marks. But if it works. He will be able to control the arms trade in the whole of China. So with that alone, he still has the motivation to take risks. So he thought of a way to make the best of both worlds. That is to use you as a shield. As long as there is a scapegoat, he can be much more convenient. Ji Ming paused. Then he took a sip of wine. Then he went on to say, "So you become the best scapegoat.". No, because of anything else. Because you've been so close to me lately. This directly affects his business contacts. So this time he did it,Nail machine supplier, and it made him rich, but it failed. You will take the blame. In any case, success or failure is beneficial to him. Why not? Ji Ming glanced at the other side and said. "Hey!" Jin Xin sighed heavily, then shook his head helplessly, and then said, "You're absolutely right.". I knew for a long time that Liu Lunshi must be wary of my success. So I've been very careful in doing things,Coil nail machine, but I didn't expect to be plotted by him. He shook his head dejectedly. "There's nothing I can do about the situation." He sighed heavily again. How interesting Ji Ming patted his opponent on the shoulder and said, "Actually, you don't have to blame yourself so much. Things are not difficult to solve." After listening to the other side's words, Jin Xin immediately raised his head in surprise. He looked at each other in disbelief. Then he said, "Mr. William, do you think I can be saved?"? What is the method? "Of course." Ji Ming smiled and said, "The best way for you at the moment is.". Completely break away from the ceremony and the foreign firm. That is to say, completely sell the gift and. After a pause, Ji Ming went to his office and opened a drawer. Then he took out a folder from it. According to our information. Liu Lunshi has a secret conference room on the fourth floor of the headquarters of Lihe Yanghang. There is a small secret room in the conference room. There are many account books in the secret room. These account books are mainly the secret transaction information of Li He and the senior officials of the National Government. And Lihe's asset report and so on. And you, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, as a senior member of the staff of Lihe, have just been able to get here. The rest is how to get the information inside. I will send someone to help you when the time comes. As soon as I get that information. I believe Liu Lunshi's time to die is coming. Ji Ming gave a sinister smile. After listening to each other. Jin Xin immediately began to think. After some calculation. He raised his head and asked Ji Ming, "Mr. William, if I do this for you, what benefits can I get?" "How about the general manager of Deutsche Hebulou Foreign Trade Company?"? If Li and Yanghang fall down. Deutsche Hebulou will take over all the business of Lihe Yanghang in China. At the same time, the company will act as an agent for all products of Deutsche Metal Portrait and Deutsche Chemicals. Except China, of course. Our goods will be sold all over the world besides Europe. I wonder if Mr. King is interested in this position? After saying all this, Ji Ming glanced up at the other side. After listening to each other's words, Jin Xin stood up slowly. Then he nodded to the other side. I accept Mr. William's kindness. But this is a big deal. So please allow me to think about it. Then he left there quickly. How interesting! You will definitely come back! Ji Ming looked at the other side of the back slightly cold smile. And then say it slowly. Part II Chapter 43 Commercial War Updated: January 7, 2009 2:47:18 Words in this Chapter: 3968 Kersten is rubbing his hands in Japan, and Ji Ming is not idle here. Time passes quickly. Half a month passed in a twinkling of an eye. On December 22, Li He worked for Ji Ming. But he has one request, that is, to give himself at least a few more days. Because Li and Yanghang will hold the annual shareholder dividend meeting on New Year's Day. At that time, Jin Xin had a chance to get close to it and steal things out. But at this time Ji Ming is not in a hurry, because now Kersten's work in Japan has reached the most critical stage. Compared with Li and Yanghang, Nissan is far greater than Li and Yanghang in terms of capital and difficulty. So now Ji Ming has put all his energy into it. Naturally, the matter of courtesy and harmony has to be put aside. However, there is one thing that Ji Ming feels is necessary to complete, that is, according to what Li Xianglan said, we must deal with ourselves and Liu Wen. Under the planning of his own think tank, Ji Ming decided to take the lead in an unprecedented way, at least to achieve the first step of everything, so on Christmas Day, Ji Ming assembled a large number of soldiers. Then they drove to the school where the other party was. Of course, I saw the other side's strange movements. Liu Wen felt dizzy. And she really didn't understand why the other party did it. Ji Ming soon gave the other side the answer, that is, he hoped that Liu could become his confidential secretary: "When I came to China, all my subordinates were Germans. They didn't know everything about China, so I hope you can help me. Of course, I will not put business and private affairs together.". Everything is your own decision. Ji Ming said,Nail production machine, looking at each other with a smile. Miss Liu, this report has just been sent from Shanghai. Please give it to Mr. William for signature immediately. A young German officer handed over a gray folder to Liu Wen, who was wearing a black General Security Service uniform. 3shardware.com