Happy Wednesday, everyone. It's sure been a wild one! (More on that below). John Breech is taking the day to craft a 5,000-word piece on why Joe Burrow will be Super Bowl-bound in 2024 (or at least I think he is), so you've got me, Cody Bobby Smith Women Jersey Benjamin, to deliver all the latest from around the NFL. This is the Pick Six Newsletter. Now let's get to it. (And please, do yourself a favor and make sure you're ! You don't want to mi s our daily offerings of everything you need to know around the .) We've got major Tom Brady and Sean Payton news, keys to the and much more: The "Pick Six Podcast" has been busy Jason Dickinson Women Jersey churning out emergency episodes. Why? Because everything is happening all at once! Between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, the Broncos reportedly finalized a trade for former Saints head coach Sean Payton, and Tom Brady announced his retirement (again), this time "for good." Here's a rundown of new must-listen episodes, featuring commentary from Will Brinson, John Breech and Tyler Sullivan: : An instant discu sion on the quarterback's decision to step away at 45 : The guys react to the Saints' blockbuster, and the Texans' subsequent hire : A se sing and a signing memes to all the losing postseason contendersCatch more episodes (and subscribe for daily NFL talk) . Here's everything you need to know about Brady hanging up the cleats for the final time: : Watch the QB's video confirming the news: A look around the projected 2023 carousel: Reviewing the QB's seven championship wins: Big names in and outside the NFL chime in: A rundown of the QB's all-time production on the field: An inside look at "80 for Brady"Sean Payton's didn't just affect Denver and New Orleans, which is getting a 2023 first-round pick as part of the swap. It also paved the way for the Texans to land former star player DeMeco Ryans, the 49ers' defensive coordinator, as their new head coach. Ryans was on Tuesday night, marking a return to Texas for the Jaromir Jagr Men Jersey former Pro Bowl linebacker -- one by fellow franchise great J.J. Watt. Brady may be leaving, but we'll have to wait longer to hear from the Packers star. Joining "The Pat McAfee Show" this week, the reigning NFL MVP said for 2023 until after the championship game "at the earliest." He did, however, acknowledge that the Packers appear to be "having conversations" about their own preference for what happens at QB without his input. Take that for what it's worth. On Rodgers' end, the QB admitted he's intrigued by both the opportunity to keep playing and enjoy the more relaxed approach of retirement: "I feel confident that in a couple weeks, I'll feel definitely more Jon Casey Women Jersey strongly about one of two decisions." Speaking of QBs, San Francisco struggled to field any healthy signal-callers by the end of 2022. And now, with Brock Purdy sidelined indefinitely while requiring surgery for his elbow injury, it's unclear who will open their 2023 campaign under center. One banged-up QB could be back rather soon, however: Trey Lance, the team's 2021 first-round pick, said this week he for the start of the offseason program after mi sing most of the year with an ankle injury. Hungry for a few John Klingberg Men Jersey more headlines? Here you go: : A historical trend points in Philly's direction: A look at the top veteran decisions for each club: The Eagles got to choose first as the "home" team in the game: A look at some potential winners of free agency