"I don't know, the Holy Mother said that her soul was broken, saying that Porcelain Rou was really an infatuated and silly girl!"! Then she ordered all the people in our village to take good care of her broken spirit and give us five hundred years of life. Just a year ago, the Virgin Mary appeared again! She took away the spirit of Porcelain Rou and told us that if we were destined, we could see her again! See him so wing cut, recall to tell! "She.." She's not here..? Xuanxiao's absent murmur! Mo Shi sighed slightly and went into the inner room, leaving him alone! As night fell, Yinwu Village was jubilant. The great-grandson of the old village head married his daughter-in-law, which was a big event. The villagers were all happy, eating and drinking! Xuanxiao sat in the remote place of the seat, looking at the couple who slowly stepped out, the familiar scene, suddenly as if he had put on the bridegroom's clothes, closed his eyes, wanted to shake off the illusion, but was shocked to "see" himself standing in front of a red curtain bed, helping the complaining bride in front of him to uncover her head, his bride.. Very beautiful, so beautiful that it takes people's breath, especially the eyes with three points of shame, three points of joy and four points of quaint, which make people happy! All the memories come flooding back, all of them! "Touch-!" The table where Xuanxiao was suddenly fell to pieces and spread out on the ground! But is to control the force, did not spread around! Draw the eyes of the crowd! "Rouer.."! You are so cruel! So cruel! Let me ignorant in their own fault spent a hundred years! But now I can't see one side! You are really cruel. Why do you punish me like this? Hate hissing, Xi and out, into a streamer with Xuanxiao disappeared in front of everyone's eyes! "This.." This is The bride has spontaneously lifted the veil! Look at your husband and elders! It's all right! Go on, go on! The old village chief touched his beard and shook his head. He didn't understand, but it seemed that they had nothing to do with it! Touched the beard, looked at the stars, sighed, fortunately, their village is only difficult to enter, go out is not a trouble! Leaving the hidden fog village,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, Xuanxiao suddenly found that the world was so big that there was no other place to go, laughing sadly, facing the vast starry sky, muddleheaded! Stepping on Xi and ferociously vented, he moved a hilltop to the ground! But still sad unceasingly, lost soul general sway in the quiet town, happened to hear the passing person an unconscious words, turned around and walked away! However, he found a wine shop at random, broke open the door, and woke up all the waiters who were closed! Order them to serve wine! How do mere mortals feel about Xuanxiao, who knows at a glance that he is not to be trifled with, not to mention that there is a sword floating beside him! It's so weird! Waiter put a small jar of wine on the table in front of him with his legs swinging! Set up the wine cup! Run away in a flash! The mud mark of the seal was removed! No mind to pay attention to the wine, add a cup, a drink, but it is very spicy, Nail machine supplier ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, choked! A good cough, let the turtle shrink in a corner of the shop waiter, the heart is murmuring, you will not drink to come here to do, in the middle of the night, if not for the courage they would have thrown him out! But Xuanxiao intends to get drunk, no matter how it is, a cup of pouring, more than thirsty people drink water on the fierce three points! In the end, even the wine cup was smashed to pieces. He picked up the wine jar, looked up at the jar, and the people hiding in the corner were speechless! In this way, Xuanxiao drank four or five jars of liquor in a row, but still did not feel carefree, but more painful, the whole room began to rotate, Xuanxiao casually dropped a silver ingot, footsteps messy, carrying a jar of wine in one hand! With a slightly smaller bottle in his other hand! Face flushed, pointing to the stars in the sky to drink and scold! "The Way of Heaven!"! Is this the end of my pursuit of heaven? What divine world. It's all a joke! A bunch of jokes! An incompetent man! Why don't you punish me! What about the punishment? Why should she take my place? The divine world. Mole ants. Ha ha ha ha. Ridiculous. What a joke-! After pouring out a bottle of wine, he smashed it directly on the ground and smashed it into pieces! "Where does the madman come from? What do you call it in the middle of the night? The whole family is dead!" All of a sudden, the lights of thousands of houses were on, and with a few crackles, the window was opened, and the angry woman scolded Xuanxiao! At this moment, Xuanxiao could not hear at all, regardless of the scolding and surprise of the people who were awakened by him in the town, he set foot on Xihe and rushed to the sky! "Immortal ~!" Exclaim everywhere! The cold wind in the night sky made him wake up a little. He let go of his hand and let another wine jar slip. He watched him fall at his feet and disappear into the night. He said coldly, "It's no use at all!" Looking at the starry sky again: "Why?"? After I did that to you, you even suffered the punishment of heaven for me! He clenched his hands angrily and said, "Why are you always so self-righteous? Do you think I'm happy when you do this?"? I hate you! Hate! In fact, he is not! He loosened his hands and looked up at the starry sky, murmuring in a hoarse tone: "Rouer!"! Will you come back? If you're not dead, why don't you come back! The demon is also good! No matter who you are, you are my wife. Always will be! I beg you.. Come back The haughty Xuanxiao, kneeling on Xihe at the moment, facing the night sky, desolate and sad! "Hey ~!"! If I had known today, why should I have? Slightly sigh, accompanied by a figure suddenly appeared in the side of Xuanxiao! "Who are you?" Xuanxiao, after all, is Xuanxiao, stunned for a moment and quickly restored the state of indifference and alienation! Me? According to your words, I am also a demon! Indifferently glanced at the discomfited Xuanxiao and opened his lips lightly! “……” Xuanxiao no longer looked at her, the mind moved, is to control Xi and leave! "Don't you want to know where Porcelain Rou has gone?" All right, qualitative! She is so beautiful, he can also see as nothing, the world is rare, this can not be said that he was deeply moved by the child? This sentence, like a spell, fixed his figure, turned around with a brush,nail manufacturing machine, and his long and narrow eyes revived! Staring at her, he hesitated and said uncertainly, "Who are you?" 3shardware.com