Shen Yaohua did not know about Huang Gu at this time, and it seemed that everyone who knew about it had forgotten to tell her about the person concerned. But Shen Yaohua thought for a moment, suddenly his heart jumped, he pressed his heart in ecstasy, and his whole body trembled with excitement. Mother-in-law, it must be mother-in-law! My mother-in-law is still here, she is still protecting me. She blushed and shivered, and the man who stared at him with a ferocious look slowly frowned and looked at her suspiciously, again, again. Does she have epilepsy? The suspicion in the man's eyes slowly turned into disgust. He just wanted to clap her into the river. When he raised his hand, he glanced at her and felt that her eyes were too bright, as if a person had finally got the treasure he had dreamed of. The unusual brightness in her eyes was caused by the accumulation of tears, and when the light condensed to a certain extent, the eyes could not accumulate any more, and in the blink of her eyes, it turned into a rush of water, surging down. Chapter 51 Luo Jingnian Always the dream is the easiest to wake up, because the illusion does not come true. After Shen Yaohua's hand, he shed tears for a long time, calling countless times in his heart without responding, and then thinking of the old sorceress's soul, he could not continue to immerse himself in it. Shen Yaohua was originally an impulsive, dream broken caused by the depression nowhere to vent,car radiator cap, naturally found the person who wanted his life, anyway, he will not let go of himself, then why give him a good look! The man looked at her miserably, and she stared at him viciously. The tears on his face were not dry, but his expression was to tell him clearly that I wanted to kill you! It's not that she's ignorant. She will run when she can, and she won't provoke when she can't. But the world does not depend on people, there are always some very powerful enemies will inexplicably find her,die casting parts, she simply has no power to fight back, even run away. The feeling of being bullied and powerless is really not good, not to mention that there are always ghosts and monsters who want her life! I've had enough! Isn't it enough that she was tortured by Shen Lanxing! Why should anyone come out and try to bully her? Shen Yaohua's eyes were red, his head was hot, and he rushed straight to the man and reached out to pinch his neck. The man's eyebrows jumped, and with a gentle wave of his hand, Shen Yaohua flew up and fell into the lake with a splash, knocking down a five-color lotus flower. I'll strangle you! Shen Yaohua climbed out of the water and rushed to the man with teeth and claws. 'Thump ~ ' With a snap of the man's fingers, Shen Yaohua flew out upside down and fell into the lake again. I'll strangle you! 'Splash! ' "Strangle you!" 'Splash! ' …… So back and forth how long, to later Shen Yaohua has been thrown without strength, walk staggering, mouth murmured to strangle people, but even the arm can not lift up. The dozens of delicate, flower-like little girls all stared at her, their eyes were frightened and confused, as if they did not understand what she was doing. Later, deep draw stamping ,DIN screw plug, in fact, Shen Yaohua did not quite know what she was doing. She had been depressed for too long and had no place to vent. She could not do such a thing as seeking death, and she could not do it even if she was waiting for death. She was like a child facing a wild animal, unable to resist and unwilling to be swallowed by others, so she could only struggle at random. At this moment, strong and fragile in her eyes are standing up to each other, but no matter which side seems so helpless. She had never expected anyone to take pity on her. Her only relative was an unsmiling one, and the one in front of her would not take pity on her if he wanted her dead. He was teasing her, watching her flounder, watching her struggle under his paws, and when he had done enough, he would slap her to death. When he cut out her heart, he suffered a loss. His fingertips were painful and itchy. Now he changed his target. When she staggered up again, the middle two fingers of his right finger were inserted into her eyes like lightning. Shen Yaohua's startled reaction was not to evade, but to open his eyes subconsciously, as if to cooperate with people digging their eyes. A moment, life and death! "Luo Jingnian!" She screamed out a name, and the finger that had pierced her pupils suddenly stopped. The man, who smiled like a fox, had a face like the King of Hell, and always had a cool look in his eyes, twisted his facial features in a flash. His fingers stuck to her pupils, word by word, and he gnashed his teeth and asked, "What did you say?" Shen Yaohua blinked her eyes in a daze. She couldn't blink any more. Her eyes were still burning with pain. It was the pain that brought her back to her senses. She tried to recall the voice that had suddenly entered her mind. She swallowed saliva and said slowly with difficulty: "Luo Jingnian, Lord of Shaoguang Cave, how are you?" Who are you! Who are you As he wished, Luo Jingnian took his fingers from her eyes. He grabbed her thin arms and shook them like crazy. Even his eyes became misty. Shen Yaohua could not escape. He closed his eyes and let him shake himself so that he almost fell apart. There seemed to be a faint sigh in his drowsiness. I am Yao Hua. What the voice said, she answered, and as soon as she answered, Luo Jingnian suddenly stopped, from a madman to a stake. He looked at her, desperately looking at her, as if to see her as another person, he looked for a long time, his face constantly changing, so fast that Shen Yaohua can not capture. Seemed to see a lifetime so long, his eyes crossed a trace of disappointment, and then climbed up a trace of hope, slowly short slender body and Shen Yaohua four eyes, asked: "Are you really Hua'er?" He asked cautiously, his eyes full of expectation, like a child who was afraid of not getting candy. Right Shen Yaohua's answer was ambiguous, but his eyes drooped deeply, and his eyes slowly turned to adapt to the friction with his eyelids, frowning with pain every time he moved. She was scolding the man in front of her in her heart. Two cool fingers suddenly gently stroked her eyes. A chill came into her eyes. When she didn't react, he pulled back his fingers, and her eyes suddenly became comfortable. Hua'er? Luo Jingnian carefully called out, long and graceful, wide-sleeved white shirt, he is now short to maintain the height of Shen Yaohua,car radiator cap, it seems a little awkward, but compared with the expression on his face, the other can be ignored.