Say the name, the person who has been close to the body is frightened, reach out and draw the sword at the same time. But it was too late, and he was so angry that he spat out his hand. There was a sonic boom, like a faint thunder from the distant sky. Bang! The man in the palm of his hand flew twenty feet away and fell across the road. Sky Thunder Palm! Use the blade against him. Someone who knows the goods shouts. Long Yin into the ear, cold rainbow sword out of the scabbard, the wind, the sword like a dragon, he swept past, two running dogs dragging captives pulled out half of the sword, then fell to the ground struggling. The two men who had cleared the way were five feet away, but by this time they had disappeared. They were scared away by the four words of Lin Yan in the south of the Yangtze River. They turned into rabbits and slipped into the woods beside the road. The four men after the break were not stupid either. They turned around and ran wildly, leaving behind a lot of odds and ends to lighten the burden and escape faster. The three prisoners fell to the ground and struggled, but no cry or groan came out. Four running dogs escaped three Zhangs away, Lin Yan has flown to. As the road swayed in the grass, a figure in a robe flashed out and stopped the four running dogs in the face, shouting in a strange voice, "Good friend, kneel down and wait for your fate." No one was obedient, and the first two running dogs seized the road with their swords. Clank "two violent sound, sparks flying, two swords flying out of the road, the strange man took advantage of a sword slanting wave, and then a low point of a sword.". One of the running dogs lost half of his head, and the other staggered to the ground with a sword through his throat. Behind the two running dogs did not have the opportunity to fight,titanium machining parts, never dreamed that Lin Yan came so quickly, to back to the enemy, why not die? One got a sword in the back of his heart, and the other was smashed by the palm of his hand. It's you. Lin Yan received his sword and saluted, saying, "On that day in the southern suburb of Lintong, my brother Tai helped me, but he didn't thank me. It was a terrible crime.". Brother Lin Yan, ask your name. Can you meet me with your true face? It was a strange man in green flower robes who led away some pawns for the old man Ge. The ghost mask on his face was still the same. A pair of strange eyes in the mask were as bright as the cold stars at midnight,alloy die casting, and there was a faint fragrance in the space. The strange man closed his sword and bowed his head. His strange voice was a little harsh. "My surname is Zhao, the first surname in a hundred surnames.". Brother Lin is from the city? "Yes, the assassination and skinning failed." He said without a hint of ingenuity, lifting his nose: "Well!"! Maybe I'm confused. How can I smell the faint fragrance of orchids? Will there be orchids around here? I've seen a ghost. The strange man took two steps back intentionally or unintentionally, intentionally pulling away. Why do you want to stab and skin? The strange man asked rather seriously. I don't like his face. Why not? He said, with a self-deprecating tone: "Maybe it's jealousy. His Lingyun Tower is really a paradise on earth, while the people in Shaanxi are suffering." "Brother Lin, can you listen to my advice?" "Brother Zhao, I hope you don't say anything unpleasant.". It is not that I am young and not modest enough, but that I have insisted on my own opinions. At the same time, I regard you as a friend. You have helped me unconditionally. I don't want to offend you in words. Please forgive me. "I don't want to say anything to disappoint you, but it's stuck in my throat and I can't get it off my chest.". Brother Lin.. Liang Peeling is acting under the orders of the court, he has his own difficulties! His strength is unprecedented, and you can't do it alone. Misfortunes never come singly Lin Yan had a good impression on the strange man who had helped him. Although he was forced to fight, he did not try his best to deal with him. The reason why the strange man forced him to fight was quite sufficient, and he could not avoid it, so he could not show too much weakness, die cast light housing ,Steel investment casting, and the offensive was quite fierce. Attacking twenty-eight swords in a row, the strange man finally could not hold back. He retreated again and again, and chased Lin Yan out of the four feet away. Finally, Lin Yan's last sword burst out of the side door, and then used a move of "moon falling and stars sinking" to attack the next plate, forcing Lin Yan to step back, ending the first round of offensive. When the host and guest changed, the strange man shouted in a low voice and immediately launched a storm-like counterattack. The sword was like a rainbow. There are endless changes between the false and the true. Strange people are not like Lin Yan from the front attack pressure, but all directions attack all-pervasive, the rapid displacement is appalling, the true strength of the sword potential is also a sword than a sword, gradually hit the true fire, tricks appear again and again, as if to fight. Lin Yan calmly sealed the frame, his mood is no longer excited, mind and spirit into one, Lingzhi Pure Brightness cope with Yuru, to the strange man's sword attainments, secretly admire in the heart, have to admit that the other side's swordsmanship does not have a unique magic formula, spontaneously rise the idea of sympathy. As a result, it was not easy for him to receive more than thirty swords, and the circle he occupied became bigger and bigger, from three feet in diameter to more than six feet. The real strength of the strange man was still strong. He attacked more than a hundred swords and showed a declining trend. Finally, he ended this round of hard struggle with a sword. If it is a confirmation of skill, it should be a draw at this time, each has a chance to attack, both sides are not in trouble, and both sides are happy to draw. As soon as Lin Yan withdrew from the circle, he closed his sword and said with a smile, "Brother Zhao, I admire you. If you attack a few more swords, I won't be able to resist." "One point win or lose.". How about that? The strange man approached slowly and said, "It's hard to find a good player in the world. Meeting an opponent is a great pleasure in life. Please enter.". Point to stop. Equal opportunity for each other. "This.." Lin Yan hesitated for a while, if the victory or defeat, this time there is no distinction between host and guest, the degree of danger increased, each exhibition is likely to be missed, but he did not want to hurt the strange people who had helped him. Is Brother Lin disdaining to give advice? I'm going to be annoyed. The strange man forced him to do it. Brother Zhao. All right, please give me some advice and stop at the point. He said helplessly, raising his sword and waiting for the enemy. Bark! The strange man shouted in a low voice, and the ferocious "Jade Girl Throwing Shuttle" emptied, and the tip of the sword huffed and puffed continuously to control the palace. Lin Yan moved to the left without anger, and elegantly got rid of the three swords that had been chasing and stabbing in a row. As soon as the cold rainbow sword was brushed, it passed like lightning, and the sharp edge was close to the right flank of the strange man. It was wonderful to solve the problem. It was light and elegant without flaws, and it was strange and spicy. The attack must be saved to force the other side to withdraw to protect themselves, see the sword and the body. The strange man was taken aback. He took two steps back and twisted his sword. Lin Yan's first sword suddenly turned, and the electric awn rose, brushed, and sank, with an incredible trick, the sharp edge came to the shoulder and neck of the strange man. The strange man was startled again. He fell down in his busy schedule to avoid the move. At the same time, he counterattacked Lin Yan's left knee. His reaction was surprisingly swift. But the chess missed a move,Magnetic Drain Plug, tied hands and feet, Lin Yan's right foot slightly closed, the sword is nailed to the shoulder of the strange man folded down. This sword will certainly cut the right upper arm of the strange man.