"Ha ha.." Ha-ha Ying Fei looked at Chen Feng's tragic situation and laughed, as if the resentment deposited for many years had finally been vented. Chen Feng screamed again and again, his body was blown open by the flames around him, the power of the big array of ten thousand rounds of strange fire, how powerful, if not for Chen Feng already had a strong flame resistance, coupled with the immortal golden body guardian, I am afraid it would have gone up in smoke. But even so, Chen Feng still complained incessantly, only felt that all the tendons and veins on his body seemed to be broken, so that he almost fainted painfully. No, if you go on like this, you will die. We must think of something! We must think of something! In pain, Chen Feng's only remaining reason roared crazily in his mind, but in the Nine Palaces and Eight Arrays, Ying Fei was the master of everything, how could he fight with him? Deep sense of powerlessness, with the impact again and again, quickly overflowed Chen Feng's heart, he felt regret for the first time, if he was more cautious, if he did not despise Ying Fei so much, just came out to take him under the knife, I am afraid everything will not happen. But is it useful to regret? Chen Feng gave up all hope with a cry of pain. Maybe today is the end of himself! Thinking of this, Chen Feng closed his eyes and let the fire dragon devour him little by little. He had no way, because in this space,CNC machining parts, everything was dominated by Ying Fei, who was the God here. The tearing pain kept coming, but Chen Feng had given up all resistance. However, when Chen Feng closed his eyes and waited for death, a string of crisp electronic synth sounds suddenly sounded in his brain, Chen Feng suddenly opened his eyes, eyes flashed a puzzling hot light. Beep beep. The main body of the system is destroyed and the self-protection function is enabled. Beep beep. System scanning begins, detecting all available devices.. Beep beep. System check complete, target locked, Gankun bag. Beep beep. Item description,metal stamping parts, Gan Kun bag, one of the ten artifacts of ancient Chinese mythology, performance description, can absorb all things in the treasure bag, treasure bag can accommodate heaven and earth, swallow mountains and rivers, power level S.. Beep beep. The system prompts kept ringing, but Chen Feng could not hear any other sound, because his mind was full of the introduction of the system to the Qiankun bag just now. Yes, isn't the Gankun bag able to hold all things? Is it possible to suck everything here? Thinking of this, Chen Feng, regardless of the pain on his body, let a flame hit his chest, the whole person crazily retreated a few steps, wow a mouth spitting blood, one hand to the void a little force, a flash of divine light, a simple and elegant yellow bag, non standard fasteners ,Stainless steel foundry, lightning rushed out of the ring, hanging in front of Chen Feng. Eh? Seeing Gan Kun bag, Ying Fei was stunned and did not know what Chen Feng was going to do, but he was not worried because he did not believe that there was anything else here that was his opponent. Chen Feng's whole body was burning, his clothes were broken, and he seemed to be walking out in blood, black and blue all over his body. With the roar of Chen Feng, Gan Kun bag suddenly moved, and then the red rope tied to the mouth of Gan Kun bag suddenly spread out by itself, quickly opened the mouth of the bag, and immediately the bag suddenly became bigger, turning into several meters in size in an instant, a huge suction of devouring heaven and earth came in an instant, and the surrounding flames rushed towards the mouth like a tide! "Gan Kun Bag?" Seeing the empty bag, Ying Fei's face changed slightly, but he didn't panic. As soon as his mind moved, he wanted to isolate the strong suction released by the bag. But Ying Fei tried it, but was shocked to find that he couldn't cut off the suction from the bag. This What's going on here? Ying Fei was so frightened that he hurriedly looked at the big array of ten thousand rounds of strange fire, but when he looked at it, he found that most of the fire had disappeared for a moment, and the other flames that had not been absorbed by the dry Kun bag were also flying rapidly towards the mouth of the bag. Cough.. Chen Feng coughed twice, leaned weakly on the huge Gankun bag, turned his hand over and took out a few big pills, and took the pills into his mouth. Gan Kun bag fluttered slowly, just like a big mouth devouring everything. In a moment, it swallowed up all the fire around it. But after doing this, Gan Kun bag seemed not satisfied, still releasing the vast suction. I saw a huge earthquake in the surrounding space. Immediately, the sea water under my feet and the clouds in the sky turned into a huge tornado and rushed towards the bag. Chen Feng was stunned, and Ying Fei was also stunned, because Gan Kun not only had to absorb all the flames, but also had to inhale this piece of heaven and earth into his body. Ying Fei's face suddenly changed, he knew what this meant, if there is no nine palace eight array map, he is definitely not Chen Feng's opponent, that is to say, if you can't find a way to stop the dry Kun bag to continue to devour, then the next will die, must be their own! Thinking of this, Ying Fei clenched his fist forcefully, his expression changed constantly, as if he hesitated, and beads of sweat as big as beans quickly crossed his forehead. Hey hey, Ying Fei, if you have any other tricks, just use them! Leaning against the Gankun bag, Chen Feng's confidence soared. He finally knew where the most powerful part of the system was. No wonder these guys with the system were all against the sky. Unexpectedly, the system had a self-protection function! Ying Fei's face was livid, and the corners of his eyes kept # #. He seemed to be choosing something. But after listening to Chen Feng's words, Ying Fei seemed to have finally made up his mind. He looked stunned and pulled out something in his arms. This Seeing what Ying Fei had taken out, the smile on Chen Feng's face solidified again, and his body froze in place like clay sculpture and wood carving. In Ying Fei's hand, an ancient lamp was burning slowly, and a flame was beating on it. The flame was very vivid, changing all kinds of colors, beautiful and revealing an indescribable sense of mystery. Nine turns and seven stars? Chen Feng felt a chill in his heart and his mind was blank. He didn't understand why the nine-turn seven-star lamp was in Ying Fei's hands. He didn't know what relationship Ying Fei had with the little girl, and he didn't know what relationship Ying Fei had with the lamp-burning emperor. Suddenly, Chen Feng remembered one thing,metal stamping parts, before he fought with Ying Fei, the sky suddenly came an old sigh, difficult. Is that the lamp-burning emperor? Are the lamp-burning emperor and Ying Fei in the same group. autoparts-dx.com